Future Predictions

Ask the I Ching

The I Ching or 'Book of Changes' is an ancient form of divination used to gain wisdom and insight into the many challenges human beings face.

Focus on your concern and stare into the depths of the water. When you feel the moment is right, click on any six different areas of the picture that you feel drawn to. Your hexagram of insight will appear below.


29. K'AN - The Abysmal (water)


     K'AN (Water)
     K'AN (Water)

Flow like pure water through difficult situations.

The message of the twenty-ninth Hexagram is that you should follow your own path without trying to diversify from the route

You face the future with feelings of uncertainty. It is important to stay calm. Any danger will come from the outside. Don't panic, remain calm and you will be in control.

Do not let others discourage or alarm you. It is important that you stick to the route YOU have chosen. Be discreet for the less attention you attract, the easier your path will be. Above all remember that the straightest route is always the shortest.


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