Future Predictions

Ask the I Ching

The I Ching or 'Book of Changes' is an ancient form of divination used to gain wisdom and insight into the many challenges human beings face.

Focus on your concern and stare into the depths of the water. When you feel the moment is right, click on any six different areas of the picture that you feel drawn to. Your hexagram of insight will appear below.


10. LU - Treading (conduct)


     CH'HEN (heaven)
     TUI (Lake)

Lasting progress is won through quiet self-discipline.

You are entering a situation of uncertainty and you can't help speculating about all the possibilities. But why worry about tomorrow before you get through today? Focus on your aims and refuse to be distracted by unnecessary worrying.

If there are obstacles ahead of you then you can overcome them. If you fall at the first hurdle, pick yourself up and try again. If the problems that you face are to do with opposition, then be diplomatic. This is a period in your life when you must seek to find balance in all important concerns. You will achieve more at this time through diplomacy and through having faith in your convictions, no matter what might lie ahead.


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