Future Predictions

Ask the I Ching

The I Ching or 'Book of Changes' is an ancient form of divination used to gain wisdom and insight into the many challenges human beings face.

Focus on your concern and stare into the depths of the water. When you feel the moment is right, click on any six different areas of the picture that you feel drawn to. Your hexagram of insight will appear below.


27. I - The corners of the mouth (providing nourishment)


     KEN (Mountain)
     CHEN (Thunder)

Give proper nourishemt to yourself and others.

The twenty-seventh Hexagram represents Nourishment.

You are now entering a period of nourishment. You need to feed your curiosity with new interests, your mind with new experiences and your words and your spirit with refreshed optimism. If you are restless then this can be overcome through feeding your never-ending inquisitiveness. The more you learn, the more informed you will be. Wisdom comes through knowledge and experience.

Discipline is recommended. Try to channel your energies wisely. Look into matters in depth and don't be content with surface knowledge.

Look after your health needs. Regular exercise or perhaps a diet will do your body some good.


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