Future Predictions

Ask the I Ching

The I Ching or 'Book of Changes' is an ancient form of divination used to gain wisdom and insight into the many challenges human beings face.

Focus on your concern and stare into the depths of the water. When you feel the moment is right, click on any six different areas of the picture that you feel drawn to. Your hexagram of insight will appear below.


57. SUN - The gentle (the penetrating, wind)


     SUN (Wind)
     SUN (Wind)

Consistent correctness turns every situation to your advantage.

The fifty-seventh Hexagram represents submission.

The superior man performs his tasks according to the will of heaven. If you find yourself in a position of conflict and you feel like lashing out?hold back. You can be diplomatic and in a quietly persistent way, you will achieve what you want. This is much better than using brute force. Try not to be stubborn. Be more flexible and a compromise will be reached. Through perseverance you will achieve your goals. Be patient and you will find that your true strength lies in tolerance, maturity and wisdom. Remember that this Hexagram is the symbol of the wind and clouds. You should feel at ease and relaxed if you can deal with life in a calm and peaceful way.


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