Future Predictions

Ask the I Ching

The I Ching or 'Book of Changes' is an ancient form of divination used to gain wisdom and insight into the many challenges human beings face.

Focus on your concern and stare into the depths of the water. When you feel the moment is right, click on any six different areas of the picture that you feel drawn to. Your hexagram of insight will appear below.


21. SH HO - Biting through


     LI (Fire)
     CHEN (Thunder)

There is no obstacle to the expression of truth. Withdrawl into quietness allows the Sage to moderate.

The twenty-first Hexagram suggests that in order to get ahead, you must think more positively.

There are undoubtedly hurdles standing in your way but you have the ability to overcome them, as long as you have faith in yourself. If someone offers you a challenge, you must accept it. Be willing to fight for what you believe in. Be prepared for confrontation and don't even think about backing down. Let your rivals know that you are in a powerful position. They have chosen the wrong person to attack for you intend to come out of any situation as a winner.

You may not like discord, but others could be taking advantage of your agreeable nature. Enough is enough and circumstances have made it impossible for you to hide away. For once, you must use attack as a form of defence.


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