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AQUARIUS - January 21st - February 19th
A hidden rival will make trouble for you at the start of the month. Instead of doubling your efforts, make a strategic retreat. You'll have an opportunity to turn your luck around on the 7th, thanks to a powerful Lunar Eclipse. Don't be surprised if you're relieved of an onerous chore or responsibility at this liberating time. Toward the middle of the month, you might be found doing some heavy flirting with a passionate admirer. If you're already in a relationship, let your amour sweep you off your feet. A Solar Eclipse on the 21st marks a turning point in a close partnership. Meeting your soulmate, getting engaged or exchanging marriage vows are all possibilities. Arguments with an absent minded colleague could mean you have no other option but to file an official complaint. You aren't willing to put up with their careless performance any longer. Make sure to attend a big party at the end of August; you'll make some influential friends. Call the Aquarian advice line 0905 506 6789 to hear how your sensual side will demand satisfaction. Stop overanalysing everything and enjoy some of life's luxuries. Get a massage or enjoy a passion packed interlude.   

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