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PISCES - February 20th - March 20th
Love: Your love life will sizzle with passion, particularly from January right through to early October. An intimate relationship will take you to new heights of happiness. Let your defences down with a partner who intuits your desires. If you're single, you will meet someone special at a cultural, political or artistic organisation. Keep your eyes open for a stylish person with an air of grace. If you want to get engaged or married, the second weekend of August would be perfect. Regardless of whether you are single or attached, there will be no problems attracting admirers. Your charisma continues to be strong throughout 2017. Take care not to make a committed partner jealous. Although you enjoy flirting, you should make it clear where your loyalties lie. Sending mixed signals will result in heartache for everyone involved. Never forget to praise your partner, both in private and public. Be the kind of partner you'd like to have. You'll have a wonderful opportunity to do something special for your loved one between late September and mid-October. Luck: Fabulous opportunities will come through your best friend, romantic partner or business contacts between January and early October. Whether you're invited to go on a fabulous vacationholiday, lavish shopping trip or impressive professional conference, you should accept immediately. The Universe is poised to reward you for all the generous and kindness you've bestowed on others. Don't turn your back on these rewards. By mid-October, your good fortune will take the form of mind-expanding activities. Getting an advanced degree, publishing a compelling piece of writing and travelling the world are all possibilities. Legal matters will also go well for you, as long as you conduct yourself with integrity. If you have a chance to settle a case out of court, do it. Resolving this matter will leave you free to pursue the activities and relationships you love. Exploring your spiritual side can bring great happiness. This can involve anything from converting to a different religion, communing with nature or taking up a devotional practice. Try connecting with those things that make life meaningful for you on a daily basis. Loot: Your income will continue to be uneven. Big windfalls will arrive, followed by dry spells. Fortunately, you've become accustomed to this dynamic. It actually works to your advantage, allowing you long periods of rest. Just when you need work, a Solar Eclipse on August 21st will bring an interesting opportunity. A handsome inheritance, insurance refund or legal settlement could be awarded to you between January and October, giving you a comfortable financial cushion. Alternatively, your romantic or business partner could make a great deal of money, which will indirectly benefit you. 2017 will allow you to pay your bills while enjoying an occasional indulgence. Be sure to open a retirement or savings account during the first ten months of the year. Your career will place great demands on you. When you're busy, you will be working around the clock and won't have much time for social pursuits. If you stay steadfast and loyal, you will be rewarded for your diligence. A powerful executive has their eye on you. Do everything to stay in their good books. Life: Spirituality will continue to be an important issue for you and you will devote as much time as possible to activities that help you transcend mundane reality. Exercising your artistic talent, donating time to a good cause and worshipping your higher power will be welcome distractions from money and status. You continue to mix with influential individuals who can advance your personal and professional interests. Don't hesitate to accept help from your nearest and dearest. Those who love and care for you the most want to see you being successful and happy so they will do all they can to make sure you attain your aims and ambitions. Are you single? Let a trusted confidante set you up on a blind date. Your social connections will be instrumental to your success. Resist the temptation to cling stubbornly to your independence. When you reach new levels of success, you'll be able to assist those who need a helping hand. Keep the good karma flowing. Joining a volunteer organisation will help you make a positive difference. Collective power is more effective than individual effort in 2017.   

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