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VIRGO - August 24th - September 23rd
The start of June will be stimulating on the home as well as the work fronts. Your love life could suffer while you're busy running between your place and the office. It's important to give professional matters your full attention; doing a great job will result in a pay rise, promotion or both. On the 9th, the Full Moon could cause a smouldering family argument to erupt. You'll have to have a talk with your amour about treating your relatives in a more respectful manner. Alternatively, you might have to defend your romantic partner from a hyper critical family member. You'll have to spread yourself thinly at the middle of the month, when your boss will need you to review some very detailed documents. The New Moon on the 24th will bring welcome relief from your labours. Take this opportunity to attend a barbecue or garden party. You're sure to have some highly entertaining conversations at this get together. Call the Virgo line 0905 506 6789 to hear why you should be more thoughtful when it comes to spending. Think about saving a little more. If you have plans for the future you're sure to need money to get them off the ground.   

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