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PISCES - February 20th - March 20th
All eyes will be on you in the early days of January. Your enhanced charisma will attract love, money and creative opportunities. Take every opportunity to get out and about during the first two weeks of the month. On January 12th, the Full Moon might nag you into completing a creative project that you have left to gather dust for far too long. Rearrange your schedule to finish this work, as it has significant potential. The New Moon on the 28th could find you adopting a lower profile. Use this time to rest, relax and recharge your spiritual batteries. You'll be much more productive after you catch up on your sleep. Focusing on positive influences that fill you with hope will also be therapeutic. Do your best to avoid toxic people and tense situations in the closing days of January. You've always been highly sensitive to your environment. As a result, you should take every precaution to protect yourself from stress. Call the Pisces advice line 0905 506 6789 to hear why you will have a chance to meet people who can give your future prospects a shot in the arm. All you have to do is to put yourself out there and start circulating.   

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