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ARIES - March 21st - April 20th
Love: 2017 could be the best year of the entire decade to find a soulmate. If you're looking for love, you could find it at an artistic, political or cultural gathering. Keep your eyes open for someone who is gracious, stylish and witty. Falling head over heels in love is a distinct possibility on August 21st, when a Solar Eclipse triggers romantic attractions. If you're already dating someone special, getting engaged or married is a distinct possibility this year. Make an official commitment between January and mid-October; the weekend of September 15th would be ideal for exchanging vows. Your relationship will become quite passionate during the final three months of the year. Take this opportunity to explore your sensual side with your partner. Letting down your defences will bring about a new closeness between you. Set aside your independence for the sake of intimacy. You won't be disappointed. With the help of your loving partner, you can overcome deep seated fears that have been inhibiting you from reaching your full potential. Believe in the power of love. Luck: A financial, creative or emotional gamble could pay off handsomely on August 21st, thanks to a lucky Solar Eclipse. Be sure to roll the dice on this fateful day. From January through to early October, you'll fare very well by working with a partner. Teaming up with someone who has excellent social skills will work to your advantage. While they focus on attracting clients and improving customer relations, you should concentrate on generating sales. If you want to start your own business, it would be wise to form a partnership with a silver tongued business executive with an impeccable reputation. After October 10th and through to the end of the year, you could receive several windfalls. An inheritance, insurance refund or legal settlement will allow you to finance a cherished dream. Use this extra money to travel, study or write. Going to an overseas university is also a possibility. Alternatively, your romantic partner could get a great job in a foreign country, prompting you to relocate. This grand adventure will strengthen your bond, drawing you closer together than ever before. Loot: If you want a pay rise, the best time to ask for one is between June and July. You won't have to play hardball if you present your boss with a list of your accomplishments as a rationale for deserving more money. Major career changes are ahead, so get ready for them. If a high powered executive leaves your company, you should apply for their position. Alternatively, your employer could be taken over by a bigger enterprise, resulting in an impressive job opportunity for you. If you long to start your own business, October 1st would be an ideal time to take the plunge. Working with a silent partner would be a very good idea. With the financial backing of a seasoned professional, you can reach career heights you never dreamed possible. This support will be invaluable between October and the end of the year when you'll be working hard to expand your client base. Be as resourceful as possible with money during the final three months of the year. Intelligent investments will pay off handsomely in 2018. Life: Your outlook on life continues to be subject to changes throughout 2017. Be open to new experiences and unusual teachers. Leading a conventional life is becoming less and less compelling. Instead of trying to fit in, you'll be content to march to the sound of your own drum. When you are pressured to conform, your first impulse will be to rebel. Avoid making enemies of powerful people who can undermine your personal and professional success. If you're seeking to expand your horizons, get more qualifications. Study something that appeals to your interests and also boosts your professional prospects. Learning a foreign language could be especially helpful, paving the way for a job involving lots of travel. Getting paid to tour the world will bring out the best in you. If you've always wanted to write for a living, this is a wonderful year to begin. Becoming a freelance journalist or writing a novel will take time and effort, but your hard work will pay off. Do you feel spiritually adrift? Taking up a religious practice will be fulfilling.   

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