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LEO - July 24th - August 23rd
Love: Your love life won't be especially robust in 2017, due to some personal responsibilities. If you're in a serious relationship, try not to neglect your other half for the sake of work and family. Take time from your busy schedule to enjoy quality time together. Force yourself to take a relaxing vacationholiday, even if it means losing business. Are you single? Meeting someone special will be challenging, since you'll be very busy with career matters. If you do cross paths with an attractive person, it could well be at a professional conference or work meeting. Mixing business with pleasure will be complicated; be wary about embarking on such a romance. A Solar Eclipse on February 26th could trigger a chance meeting with someone who excites your imagination. By August 7th, a Lunar Eclipse will prompt you to either make a serious commitment or break up. You're not interested in a casual flirtation this year. When it comes to love, you want a relationship with a future. Hold out for a partner who is worthy of you and your love. Luck: You'll have a wonderful opportunity to further your education between January and early October. Taking a stimulating class will put you in contact with some interesting individuals. It will also make you reconsider your future. You might decide to pursue a career as a freelance artist as a result of this course. Learning a foreign language or mastering a musical instrument is also a possibility. By mid-October, your good fortune will shift to thefocus on the home front. Buying a beautiful piece of property could be on the cards. A generous relative could give you the money for a down payment. Alternatively, you could inherit a place that makes your heart sing. Be sure to attend a family reunion. You'll have a wonderful time connecting with relatives and remembering old times. News of an engagement, marriage or pregnancy will bring everybody together in a spirit of harmony. If you've been warring with a family member, you'll have an opportunity to repair the relationship during the last three months of the year. Extend an olive branch. Loot: Shared finances will bring challenges throughout 2017. It's important to read bank and credit card balances thoroughly. If you detect fraud, report it immediately. Do you and a partner have radically different views about money? It may be best to maintain separate accounts. That way, the person who likes to spend won't undermine the saver's financial security. This is not a good time to co-sign a loan or lend money. You're working hard to advance your career. There's no reason you should give your hard earned money to an irresponsible person who refuses to pull their weight. An inheritance, legal settlement or refund could be awarded to you in late February, thanks to a Solar Eclipse. Your best chance for career advancement is in late April, when an interesting opening will become available. There will be strings attached to this job that won't be apparent until after you accept it. Be prepared for some surprises. If you want a pay rise, the best time to ask for one is between late September and mid-October. Life: A Lunar eclipse in early February marks an important turning point for you. Leaving a situation or arrangement that no longer works for you will be liberating. Your outlook will dramatically improve after this break. A Solar Eclipse in late August marks a fresh start for you. Take this opportunity to relocate to a glamorous city, transform your looks or change your social standing. Travel continues to be broadening this year. Visiting isolated and lonely spots will uplift and inspire you. Learn as much as you can about other cultures. They will give you the courage to experiment with different ways of living. Social conventions have lost their charm. You'd rather lead an authentic life that reflects your values. If that means abandoning beliefs that were imposed on you as a child, so be it. Your relatives will be upset by this break, but you'll feel an immediate sense of liberation. Exploring unusual movies, films and musical acts will also be enjoyable. Don't be surprised when you develop a taste for a foreign country's artistic sensibilities.     

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