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SCORPIO - October 24th - November 22nd
Love: There will be an idyllic quality to your love life throughout 2017. It will be difficult not to put your lover on a pedestal, since everything they do and say seems utterly perfect. If you're single, you will meet someone special in late February, thanks to a Solar Eclipse. You'll cross paths with a sensitive artist whose work you admire. Together, you can forge a very happy life together. It's important to recognise and accept your amour's shortcomings. If you don't, you will set yourself up for disappointment. Are you in a committed partnership? You might decide to conceive or adopt a child. On the other hand, you may decide things are perfect the way they are and go on a glamorous trip together. Visiting an ancient city by the sea will heighten your desire for one another. Visiting a spiritual mecca could also be relaxing. The third weekend in January or the second weekend in June would be good times to get engaged or married. Whether you decide to make things official or not this year, your love life will have a fairy tale quality. Luck: You will have good fortune with spiritual pursuits between January and early October. Converting to a different religion, taking up a divine practice or communing with nature will help you transcend mundane problems that cause stress. Donating your time or money to a charity will also result in lucky breaks for you. You could find love while working at a fundraiser or get offered a job while volunteering at an animal shelter. By the middle of October, you'll have a wonderful opportunity to showcase your talent. If you're in the performing arts, be sure to go on auditions. You could be given a role of a lifetime. Are you a writer? Submit your work for publication. Are you a craftsperson? Show your work to a boutique owner who sells handcrafted merchandise. Going into business for yourself will also be successful, especially if you put a personal stamp on your work. Prepare for your star to rise between mid-October and the end of the year, when people will be highly appreciative of your unique talents. Loot: Money will be tight in 2017. If your line of work is drying up, this would be a good time to transition to a different industry. It may be necessary to go back to a college for extra qualifications or get some advanced training. Invest your time and energy into landing a lucrative job. If you have your own business, be cautious with your spending. It's better to make existing resources go further than invest in new equipment or additional staff. A Lunar Eclipse in early February will see someone leave the fold, which will put the whole organisation on alert. There won't be money available for pay rises or bonuses, so prepare to make do with what you have. Things will look up in late August, when a Solar Eclipse will invite you to make a big career move. Taking over your division and moving into a glamorous industry are distinct possibilities. If you're a freelance worker, your income will be up and down. When you get a big cheque, work hard to make it last. Life: A difficult family situation will come to an end in early August, thanks to a Lunar Eclipse. You might be able to find care for an elderly relative who can no longer live independently. If you have a loved one that needs rehabilitation services, they could undergo a program that's very helpful. It's important to be honest and direct when it comes to these situations. Beating around the bush will only cause misunderstanding and resentment. Don't hesitate to confront someone who is struggling with an addiction problem. If they don't change their ways, you'll have to put this relationship on hold. You don't want to contribute to a serious problem. Instead of trying to rescue a person who is intent on hurting themselves, you should pour your energy into expressing your feelings. Creative pursuits like writing, painting and playing music can be therapeutic throughout 2017. If you keep a diary, store it in a secure location, away from prying eyes. Protecting your privacy is critical to the health of your relationships.     

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