Accurate Psychic

Accurate Psychic

Accurate Psychic

An accurate psychic is not conditioned by a strictly material vision of life. Their capacity to read destiny, emotions and our life problems so precisely is due to their gift of going beyond 3-D reality. In fact, an accurate psychic is in accord with the findings of philosophers and therapists like Carl Gustav Jung who inferred that the authenticity of existence does not only reside within, but beyond our material world.

Sensing and Vision

We have all learnt to experience life through our five senses which are those of “Seeing” “Hearing” “Smelling” “Tasting” and “Feeling”. We depend on these senses to interpret what is going on around us, but accurate psychics know something mysterious throbs below the surface of the world as we see it and they are aware another kind of experience of reality exists with their famous “second sight”.

What the normal person sees is extensive information communicating around them. To interpret what we are looking at, photons travel from the object we are concentrating on to the eye, where the vision we see is then retracted on to the retina at the back of the eye. Electrical signals and neurons are then projected to the back of the brain where a central point of vision interpretation translates those tiny photons and electrical impulses into an image. It is amazing to think that all the events of our life are experienced in a tiny point in our inner brain, but that is the truth.

When we say we “see something” therefore, what we are actually seeing are electrical signals reflecting into one central point within our head. Additionally, our brain is sealed off to all light, and its reality is absolute darkness. The brain itself cannot contact light, the process of seeing light must first bring in the awareness of light to the brain, and again this is due to those minute photons and electrical impulses communicating through and within us.

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