Free Psychic Readings



Free psychic readings can tickle our curiosity and yes, lead us to experiment with metaphysical energy. But are we the only members of society who find the prospect of free psychic readings so darned enthralling? Well, believe it or not celebrities might also go for the free psychic readings option, unafraid of being mocked and maligned for their esoteric belief systems.

Montel Williams


Montel Williams, the famous chat show host, has been harshly criticized for using psychics on his TV show. Some say he played into false esoteric evidence, but he obviously was only trying to introduce a new perspective, and in a materialist society psychic experiments on TV might not only have threatened the status quo, but have been seen as pure madness! Anyway Montel has been more than earmarked him for severe finger pointing, but it seems to leave him fairly indifferent. We are almost sure he would not give the thumbs down to free psychic readings. .

Larry King

We doubt Larry King would not worry about his critics either, and still keep the door open on free psychic readings. Mr. King, is an open minded type of fella anyway, frequently airing TV reports on UFOS, conspiracy theories, and even ghost busters. Obviously the sceptics have come down on him like a ton of bricks, especially for advocating complementary health therapy on his programme, but in actual fact even though the man goes for “alternative thinking” he never forces his belief systems on anyone, and takes a detached approach to most New Age matters. It is refreshing to see CNN transmitting his show, especially since CNN air conservative-type news bulletins that do not include UFO sightings in Arizona, for example!

Prince Charles

Dare we get our knuckles wrapped by suggesting that his Highness Prince Charles may not frown on free psychic readings! He is unafraid to promote homeopathy and alternative therapies and is extremely concerned about global warming. He is clearly openminded when it comes to spiritual matters and his soul searching attitude might not clash with his duties as future King of England after all.

Oprah Winfrey

As for Oprah Winfrey, that lady is the “Queen of Open Minded Thinking”, and would not turn her back on free psychic readings if she felt they were spiritually orientated. The sceptics have accused her of wacky belief systems, clearly she is not averse to advocating acupuncture, New Age artists and writers and spiritual pundits like Eckhart Toll. She stands by her perspective and one of them is that spiritual awareness is more than possible with an open heart and mind. Watch her Soul Series and you will get her point!


Sceptics have also panned Pamela Anderson, who certainly cannot be classified as a member of the “narrow minded” contingent. She has been severely finger pointed for supporting Earth and Animal Liberation Fronts. We know they are controversial organizations, but she is standing her ground and has donated money to their causes. We are more than certain Pamela would give the “thumbs up” to free psychic readings. Her views on cruelty to animals are beyond criticism.

Sceptics have more than a right to make their point, they seemingly subscribe to Newtonian scientific proof as back up data. Yet, if you look around the Universe you might note evolution from simple to complex might have had something to do with “God energy”. The exquisite intricacy of our finely tuned natural laws, the multifaceted properties of life itself and the amazing coordination of our natural laws have done a lot to create a substantial reality. Could that reality sustain the theory that a Divine Intelligence is indeed working behind the scenes. We think yes! So not only free psychic readings, but life after death and healing miracles could be more than just haphazard possibilities! A simple approach to Quantum Mechanics is that we see what we believe. That approach has such complex significance and sustains a belief system that we are powerful enough to affect realities with choice. Thought is indeed creative!

Perhaps a new paradigm is slowly forming, even though logic and materialism are still part of our everyday world. But for now, take our advice, next time your go for free psychic readings, all we ask is that you give them the benefit of the doubt!