Birth Chart of Britain’s Got Talent Star, Susan Boyle

The minute Susan walked onto the stage of Britain’s Got Talent the audience felt uneasy, uncomfortable, stifled giggles erupted. You’d have thought that April 1st, being April Fool’s Day, that this little lady from Bathgate was setting herself up for a fall.

But after 12 noon, any jokes backfire on the person setting them up, and so Susan had the last laugh with her performance. Let’s face it what people don’t understand they fear and when they fear they often send out a nervous laugh. Once they saw Susan had a dynamite voice they embraced her.

She didn’t fit the stereotype of slick, glossy glamour; the image you are supposed to embrace when you hit TV screens in this most celebrity-driven age. With Saturn in Capricorn, the last thing on Susan’s mind was how she looked; this placement is far from concerned about its ‘look’, sadly without the time of birth we cannot calculate the Ascendant crucial to knowing about the persona and appearance.

Her natal Venus trine Uranus, is classic of an eccentric person with a unique voice. Out of the throat of this British Edith Piaf comes unbelievable sounds; so unexpected, so incredible, so vibrant. This fiery trine vibrates warm charisma and people warming to her, because she is ‘different’, but the comfy trine makes her acceptable, once they get the hang of her extraordinary persona.

Suffice to say, with natal Jupiter in Aquarius, like Barack Obama, Susan is enjoying her Jupiter return and that’s enough to attract all the opportunity, good fortune, angels and saints to look down from the heavens and blessing her.

The Jupiter sq Neptune (look it up if you have my bestseller You Can Change Your Life, a must-have book for all serious students of astrology) and my first advice is she must have an agent/manager/accountant who is honest, fair and above-board. This aspect can mean having everything and then rewards drip-drip-drip through her fingers, leaving the native, in this case Susan, with little to show for her natural genius.

Although a cosmic counteract could be the disassociate conj between Saturn Cap/Jupiter Aq, this tells me first she must learn the rules of the game, only then will she be no pushover. It’s all new at the moment but the sooner she clocks-up experience then wisdom will come. Business-wise she is coming of age and the sooner the better as it will be a great antidote to the Jupiter sq Neptune which Saturn separates himself from in her astrologicals. It’s all down to time and experience. But in these early days I hope my friends at Britain’s Got Talent will structure her new life accordingly.

The Full Moon at birth (again no time so can we be totally sure it is?) is squared by Mars in Cancer – is it any wonder that Susan was reborn when her mother passed over? This is a powerful T-Square in Cardinal signs that rises to all challenges: she is feisty, strong and courageous. She will need all this ‘fight’ not to be overwhelmed by what is happening to her.

Emotionally there is a terrific naivety and an innocence sexually which is confirmed by the fact she has apparently never been kissed. The thing is once she does taste the up-to-now forbidden fruit, like Adam and Eve after one bite of a Granny Smith, will all that pent-up passion and desire suddenly erupt like a volcano? I think yes. She needs a man who is caring and will shelter her and not allow her life to get out of balance (Moon in Libra) or a friend of either sex who can give her equilibrium (Venus tr Uranus).

Mercury in Pisces is gullible but poetic – so dance and the arts will bring out the best in her always. Of course this is such an escapist position when she cared for her mother she would have needed a world of make believe to run to. If so, then her escape would have been in the glittery world of Pisces, which means living her fantasies, the softer, altruistic things of life. This placement makes either a victim or carer – the carer has manifested, we must all make sure she doesn’t become a victim of show-business. Remember the film ‘Little Voice’? There is an analogy with Susan here.

Venus is in Aries, this reveals a passionate person, the last person I remember who had this that you would know is Elizabeth Taylor. An interesting comparison, as Liz spent all her life in the Hollywood limelight – and she was Sun Pisces to match Susan’s Mercury.

The final throes of Saturn in Virgo we are now transiting by trine her natal Saturn and then onto Jupiter then back again and then forward July 2010 tells me this; Susan Boyle doesn’t have to be a one minute wonder she can be here forever rather than gone tomorrow. BUT Venus trine Uranus must reinvent itself constantly because if the novelty wears off so will peoples’ interest. We are back to who will become her guide and mentor�.

At the moment she rides on a crest of the wave because she is so totally, utterly unusual, different, a one-off individual talent; anathema to the lip-gloss companies and celebrity magazines. But it is the voice that matters, she is possibly a female equivalent of Paul Potts � ordinary man, ordinary name. Not pretty to look at but the voice is what’s sexy, desirable and catapults Susan into the wide blue yonder of celebrity as it did with Mr Potts.

With luck she will have an angel who will take her under their wing for the best of all possible reasons. In the same way she cared for her mother, now she needs someone to mother her. Current transits say that this is possible I truly hope so to keep this woman untainted and unspoilt so we can enjoy her voice and she can enjoy the years to come for Saturn in Capricorn decrees that one’s later years are vintage.