Election Day

Simmering anger combined with unpopularity is the undercurrent for Election Day astrologically. The inability to get across messages, policies or understand national grievances is underlined by an emphatic Mercury retrograde. Missing the point and misjudging the population is a feature of this chart with independent candidates capturing the imagination and radical aspects bonding the gay vote, female vote, pensioner vote, to name just some, have agendas which the main parties miss a trick and unless they get their act together hot topics will be fertile ground for fundamentalist parties. My advice to all candidates standing is to look for the issues or groups that don’t appear important but which could swing a seat your way. You can’t please all of the people but ignore some of the people at your peril. Astrologically the future lies with Dave and Nick really thanks to their Jupiter in Leo – they may not be as poles apart as they think BUT for Gordon he belongs to the past and Labour should now start thinking about who’s next!

Gordon Brown  |  Nick Clegg  | David Cameron