Gordon Brown

gordon_brownWith such uncertainty in the Election Day chart and Gordon’s capacity to believe whatever he wants (his grip on certain realities is pretty weak) – he can spout total untruths with righteous conviction – he has fooled most of the people, most of the time. Remember how he clung onto his fantasy immigration and fantasy facts he obsessively believed! He is currently in his Jupiter return year – a potentially advantageous configuration and could do better than many expect this Election. But there is something in the combination of charts that tells me Gord must beware the Ides of May! For those who viewed my video profile of him in 2007 you will see how absolutely accurate I was regarding his personality (you can see it below) . The biggest threat to any success on May 6th comes from himself. He has a self-destructive streak rising from an inability to be adaptable and flexible and it is this (Mercury opposition Pluto) that is triggered off by the Sun/Moon square in the Election Day chart so there is a need for more Piscean compassion on what really matters to the individual voter, the price of petrol for instance or equipment for the troops. But whatever happens I strongly suspect that win or lose, a coup against him is just a matter of time for what he did to Tony Blair will be done to him – there is a karmic, fated feel to his astrologicals as he will learn what comes around, goes around. His destiny lies firmly in his own hands: at worst is a deluded, tortured soul and if he confronts his own demons it will pave the way to a more likeable, popular person.