July 2015 Horoscopes

CANCER – Y’day’s Full Moon focuses you on relationships mid-July expect the unexpected, the New Moon tells of a personal rebirth, more unpredictable happenings end of the month. Time to let go of what you no longer need. Big stuff!

LEO – Up until mid-July the Sun/Uranus requires a less fixed approach to your life. Be flexible. The Sun and Mercury enter your sign July 23rd when it’s all about you on the 31st it’s a summer of relationship action.

VIRGO – Mercury tells you to think and plan about the future from the 8th then Venus tentatively enters your sign on the 18th but then turns retrograde on the 25th. Love and money matters are on hold till early October.

LIBRA – A month when career, home and relationship issues could get out of control. The best way to deal with it is not to resist but to embrace the changes.

SCORPIO – The battle between your two rulers, Mars/Pluto on July 15th is the lynch-pin to the rest of your month. As a fixed sign you can make things work if you rule nothing out but see that even out of so-called bad, comes good.

SAGITTARIUS – The fiery magnetism of Leo offers glittering prizes of luck and opportunity to come throughout the month. A strong international flavour laces the boredom of your life.

CAPRICORN – Yesterday’s Full Moon in your sign heightens your emotions and feelings in a month when you need to look back as that will give you a clue as what to do next. Some aspects of your life are past their sell-by date and you need to ring in the changes or have it done for you.

AQUARIUS – Resistance is not the way to deal with your world this month. Au contraire the more you realise what’s done is done and move on the better. The Full Moon in your sign July 31st gives you a chance to chuck out the old and welcome in a summer of new.

PISCES – Three delicious aspects to your romantic ruler Neptune and then Venus moving into your house of relationships, albeit briefly for now, can makes for a month when your image and appearance can be given the mother of all makeovers. Look and feel beautiful!

ARIES – The predominance of Cancerian energy ensures a July when home and family tensions will reach a head. Remember the old saying “It’s better out than in” and once Leonine power takes control happiness will be in abundance.

TAURUS – Venus placates any problems you might have brewing domestically. It’s about patience and trusting that all will be well. Hope springs eternal and although it might be October until all is well, believe that in the end it will be.

GEMINI – You’ve until next Wednesday to come to decisions that you’ve been thinking about, then the Mercury vibe turns to money matters in all aspects and guises good for really sort out finance and finding ways to increase your income from the 23rd go out and meet new people and impress your world.