May 2015 Stars

There’s a lot of cosmic action between three signs this Maytime. Taurus, Gemini and Cancer being the zoom-in sun-signers. It’s Mercury who grabs the headlines by going retrograde from the 19th. As always with this kind of activity if you are a Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces you need to double-check paperwork, travel plans and anything else linked to communication of one sort or another to make sure all is good.

Aries – Once Mars moves into Gemini the change will be dramatic – moving from the material to the cerebral. Sort out all financial matters before the 12th after then consider big changes to your lifestyle and everyday living.

Taurus – Sun, Mars and the New Moon create a good deal of passion. Direct your energy towards those things you really feel a desire for and care about.

Gemini – Mercury, Venus at the beginning and the Sun at the end ensure a busy month to sort out a lot of things in your life from love to money. But be warned of that retrograde motion of your ruler you can’t afford to do anything slapdash as a tiny slip-up could cause problems. Check finer details.

Cancer – Venus, the goddess of love moves into your sign from the 7th and that means beautiful things and people are coming your way.

Leo – First part of the month focus on your career and where you’re going with your life the latter part it’s all about your future and planning for the long-term.

Virgo – Your ruler Mercury is up to hi-jinks: you can make headway with your career but it’s about looking at seeing what’s out there. Not a time for decisions just yet, that will come in June.

Libra – The main bulk of May is Venus in your house of destiny. The way to get noticed is to get an image to die for. Proving yourself irresistible with a brand new look and image will see you going places.

Scorpio – The Full Moon on the 4th says it all it’s out with the old and in with the new. There are aspects of your life clogged up by the past time to let the bad times go and usher in exciting possibilities.

Sagittarius – Mercury and Saturn could prove more than mischievous especially in the area of relationships. Choose your words carefully when it comes to you and someone close to you. Don’t put your foot into it. A highly charged month in all partnerships.

Capricorn – The beneficence of Taurus on your sign for much of the month is good for your affairs of the heart, creativity and pursuing your heart’s desire. Good things can emerge.

Aquarius – The see-saw action of Taurus and Gemini can make this a fickle month. Add the Scorpio Full Moon and this could be a flushing out month for you. If something isn’t working let it go and replace it with something more creatively exciting for you.

Pisces – That Mercury retrograde could cause a commotion in home and family affairs. Don’t sign anything legal or important after the 19th unless you’ve had it checked by professional. Many a slip twixt cup and lip. Be wary.