Nick Clegg

clegg-300There is some discussion on the accuracy of Clegg’s time of birth but I will go with what I’ve been given by the Lib Dem office. Out of the three main leaders Nick’s chart connects best with the British national charts so the election debates will be perfect for him to become more sympatico with the British public. If he does well he will project himself in fine Capricorn style – self-assured, organised and likeable. With Jupiter in Leo (like Dave) and Uranus and Jupiter moving into Aries by transit how wonderful is that for him to score a surprise and be very, very lucky. No-one must discount him with this kind of Obama energy surrounding him. He needs however to make sure that Taurean Vince Cable – who is the greatest asset for the Lib Dems – better than ANY of the other two doesn’t eclipse his own authority. If Nick pulls it off in the debates then he will come along as fresh and new, with Vince able to give him the foundations he needs so he’s no one trick pony. The earthiness in Nick’s chart has the potential to bring stability to a Parliamentary image that has rocked the nation and with his Sagittarian and Aquarius links he has the X factor to come across not stodgy but stimulating. One big problems could stem from a far too liberal immigration policy and he should rethink giving  immigrants already ensconced amnesty – that aside with Vince as his right hand man, he is heading towards success and recognition and it can only get better (sorry Tony!)