Property – The Planetary Way Forward

Since Gordon Brown became the unelected Prime Minister the state of the UK’s economy was sure to be challenged and tested due to the planetary activity just ahead.

34834013thbThe entry of Saturn (planet of bureaucracy) finding favour in analytical Virgo had the potential to highlight waste, underline bad rules and bring everything down to one common denominator: value for money. Anything over inflated, badly managed and worthless would be exposed to the discriminating eye of this placement: this planet opposed the core of Gordon Brown, his own Sun in Pisces. Oh woe for us all.

Playing Janus, look back and forwards: previous times when Saturn was in Virgo 1919/1921 – economic starvation due to the Great War; 1948 to 1951, economic frugality and rationing due to the Second World War plus you couldn’t get more Saturn in Virgo than the launch of the National Health Service: 1978 to 1980 I just have to say Mrs Thatcher particularly Saturn-dominated PM summed up with her appellation, the Iron Lady.

Let me spool back to my fiscal forecasts made in July 2007 (preluding Saturn in Virgo) and a year ago with video on Click Here to View Feature Video

Until Saturn enters Libra properly July 2010 – Saturn at his most positive fair, just and upstanding – there will be a false dawn between autumn 2009 up to the New Year. But as posts 1919, 1945 and the Callaghan Keynesian’s Government post 1978 we fight other wars with an exchequer drained by Iraq, Afghanistan and terrorism. Getting this into perspective we are also worn down by restrictions placed on us by politicians who are receiving their own comeuppance (Saturn is a very karmic planet as you sow so shall you reap); we are now paying for their lack of foresight and judgement as a result of a LACK of prudence and attention to detail. None of this is very Saturn in Virgo this placement militates against the chart of Brown at the beginning of its transit and Darling at the end you couldn’t have made worse choices during such an exacting, austere transit if you’d tried! The result is comeuppance all round the moment the ringed planet made Virgo his premier residence.


During this prudent period everything would come back to its true worth and value anything above its right price was doomed to crash. I long advocated that instead of Darling (whose judgement was hamstrung by the planets from the word go) cutting 2.5% off VAT he should have gone for a complete dismissal of stamp duty at all levels until spring 2010 (some MP’s took my advice through their expenses which unfairly we can’t) and a dislocation of HIPS (a waste of money, needing to be updated 6 monthly, useless in this property climate). Everything Darling has done has lacked originality and vision both so necessary with Saturn’s opposition to Uranus in Brown’s Pisces sign.

The only hope now is for a more well-balanced approach to selling, setting a fair price and cutting down on all the extras which doom property to the doldrums. Roll on spring/summer 2010 when justice and fairness will reign supreme, until then we will have to make do with the first signs of Saturn in Libra enter those MP’s who took for themselves what we were never allowed to have – what a way to aggravate and anger this massive aspect ready to restore legitimacy, honour and integrity. David Cameron is a Sun Libran did you notice Saturn in Libra’s first green shoots at his press conference this week? Because the early signs were all there.