Russell Grant’s Chinese Horoscopes for 2016

RAT: You will make a good go of any challenge you take on in 2016. You will prefer to try something new and out of the ordinary rather than follow established routines. Delays to social plans in May will also affect your work performance. You are a dynamo in action but impulsiveness should be avoided. Hidden information which could be of use to you will come to light in October. The pattern in your family and working relationships will change for the better in December.

OX: Your willpower is tremendous especially when it comes to practical considerations. A need to succeed will keep you focused on your goals. You’re ready to take control of your life but will balance a need for change with plenty caution and common sense. A desire for financial security could cause tension in a close relationship in August. Pleasant distractions will help lighten both domestic and work routines in September. November will bring the start of a new chapter in your love life.

TIGER: Friends will have exciting but expensive ideas in February. Despite your love of adventure you might be the one who persuades everyone to lower their expectations to a more realistic level. Trust your intuition if you can’t make up your mind about something in May. July will see you elated thanks to an enjoyable work assignment but be careful not to rush into anything in August. Look after your health in December as you will need your wits about you to get ahead of the competition.

RABBIT:  Daydreaming could cause you to make mistakes in February. Make an effort to keep your mind on your work. Arrange it so you get to spend more time on creative projects in March. A big scandal could erupt in the workplace in June when a powerful executive behaves irresponsibly. A heated quarrel will clear the air. Mid-2016 could bring minor career setbacks but developments in romance will take the sting out of professional disappointments. Plans in December include a family celebration.

DRAGON: You will be quick to enter any new doors that open up for you. A spontaneous invitation gives you the chance to do something nice for yourself. The best opportunities will require you to take a risk. Unfortunately, this may cause tension with a more cautious partner. Enjoy the chance to relax and make the most of your carefree spirit in July. Networking is the best way to get what you want in September. A person who is successful and creative could be especially helpful to you.

SNAKE: Your ability to find solutions to stubborn problems comes in handy between February and May. If your job feels like it is an uphill struggle, March is the time to change what you don’t like about your career. Accept what you cannot change. Avoid getting into power struggles in June. A heated quarrel could drag on for some time. Romance will play a significant role in your life in August. If you’re torn between two lovers, choose the one who stimulates your intellect as well as your hormones.

HORSE: Promote personal goals in February while you are at your most confident and imaginative. Your charisma, charm and creative energy will win you success both in your professional life and in romance. Your aim, between March and July will be to experience life to the full. Work or social plans will need to be revised in August when a project won’t be as successful as you had hoped. Be ready to start all over again. A positive attitude will keep you feeling good about yourself in December.

GOAT: Whenever you start feeling restless remind yourself that slow and steady wins the race. Petty annoyances will slow progress to a crawl. Use these times to review your work, redo and redouble your efforts to keep your standards high. Situations both in March and November will call for patience and care. A relationship may get too intense for your liking in July. Tension can be overcome by seeking a change of scene. December is a good time to promote personal projects.

MONKEY: Fund raising activities will put you in touch with some stimulating people in February and March. A surge of energy will prompt you to take a big risk in April. A wonderful opportunity to travel could fall in your lap. A partner is willing to make sacrifices on your behalf if it means you get to fulfil one of your lifelong dreams. You could receive an award for an unusual accomplishment in September. Avoid rash behaviour in December. Count your blessings and enjoy what life has to offer.

ROOSTER: Be bold and push for what you want in February. There is something charismatic about expressing your inner spirit and an important executive will be impressed by your confidence. Friends and colleagues will be especially helpful between March and June. Just beware of using your sex appeal and popularity as a means to get additional favours. If you’re looking for work, you could be offered an apprenticeship or money to get additional training in August. Focus on projects that bring spiritual happiness in November.

DOG: Work responsibilities prevent you from taking part in fun social events between February and April. Your partner will complain and it can be hard for you to cope with their disapproval. By June you will be intent on making more time for pleasure. Your boss won’t be happy but you will make family your priority. Enjoy travel, hobbies and sports between July and September. Journeying to an exotic place will give you a sexy sparkle. Good news about a loved one will be like music to your ears in December.

PIG: Voluntary activities bring out the best in you in February and March. Helping those who can’t help themselves makes you realise how fortunate you really are. Your willingness to perform work other people think is beneath them will not go unnoticed by those in high places. You will be given an award, bonus or promotion as thanks. Spend time with fun loving friends in July. This is a good time to relax and enjoy yourself. Sudden financial gain will allow you to afford more luxuries in December.