Russell Grant’s Valentine’s Guide

Aries (Mar21/Apr20) The quickest way to discourage an Aries is to throw yourself at their feet. When it comes to romance, this fiery sign does not want an easy conquest. Playing hard to get is all a part of the dating game for Arians, keeping them alert and interested. Aries needs a partner with a healthy sensual appetite and who enjoys sharing new romantic ideas. They will soon become bored in a relationship that lacks excitement and adventure. To woo an Aries, suggest spur of the moment fun ideas. Aries also needs to know you’d never begrudge their need for a little personal space.


Taurus (Apr21/May21) Relationships go deeper than how good a couple looks together. Even so, physical attraction is important. Take time to make yourself look attractive on your first few dates as Taurus appreciates beauty. Suggest a romantic dinner for two with delectable food and drink to delight your Taurean’s senses. Be courteous and considerate. Once the ice is broken, Taurus will be looking for a stable relationship with a loving and trustworthy partner. Taurus wants to spend forever with their sweetheart and they will need to know you feel the same way.


Gemini (May22/Jun21) Geminis love travel, change and variety. Surprise them by planning a weekend trip to their favourite city. Book tickets for a theatre show and make reservations at a romantic restaurant to let Gemini know you are on the same wavelength. Gemini loves to spin a good yarn. Pay attention so they can see you’re hanging on to their every word. The best relationships for a Gemini are the ones that thrive on plenty communication. Gemini will also be attracted to people who are lively, witty and intelligent. If Gemini gives you their phone number, they expect you to call and text them regularly.


Cancer (Jun22/Jul23) A bouquet of flowers or candlelit meal followed by a romantic walk under the moonlight are all ways to reach a Cancerian’s heart. Suggest a trip to the seaside, take a bottle of wine and two glasses, sit together on the sand and listen to the waves gently lap the shore. Cancer will make the most of this whatever the weather because it will be romantic moments like this that will stay with them forever. They can be sentimental and will preserve the red rose they receive on Valentine’s day and cherish it always. Cancer will appreciate a lover with a domestic streak who values their home and family.


Leo (Jul24/Aug23) The best way to get Leo’s attention is to be well dressed and self-assured. Be sociable, flirtatious and open if you want to entice a Leo and be sure to make the dating game fun. Plan a date that is all about Leo from start to finish and they will feel appreciated and loved. Leo needs to know their partner adores them. So while you are with Leo, be attentive and give them a lot of attention. In return, Leo will be a protective and loyal partner who is passionate and generous with their love.


Virgo (Aug24/Sep23) It can be a challenge to attract a Virgo; they’re looking for someone to share their life with and if you’re keen, you need to prove that ‘someone’ is you! To woo a Virgo, ask about their likes and dislikes, show an interest in their views and lifestyle and take it slowly. Being overly flirtatious and coming on too strong will scare off this timid soul. Don’t wait for Virgo to make the first move or you could wait forever. Be prepared to meet them half way. Hint that you have a few evenings free over the weeks ahead if they’d like to go on a date.


Libra (Sep24/Oct23) The sign of Libra rules partnerships and love is an important part of their life. To become the apple of a Libran’s eye all you have to do is make a big display about how you feel about them. There’s no better day than Valentine’s Day to declare your undying love for Libra or to plan a surprise party to make a special announcement. Libra will enjoy traditional courtship rituals: flowers, candlelit meals, gifts and the occasional romantic surprise. Sharing your favourite love poems, watching romantic movies together and eating out in expensive restaurants are other ways Libra will enjoy being wooed.


Scorpio (Oct24/Nov22) Scorpio is not interested in a casual romance; they’re looking for a respectable, exclusive relationship. Scorpio will cherish a lover who they can trust with their deepest secrets. They also need a partner who understands their strong emotions. If you want to be the special person in a Scorpio’s life, the key is to be truthful and sincere. To woo a Scorpio, don’t give too much about yourself away too soon. Be mysterious and keep Scorpio interested and guessing. Emotional and spiritual connections are as important to the Scorpio as physical attraction.


Sagittarius (Nov23/Dec21) Candles and flowers aren’t the way to the Sagittarian’s heart; they want fun and new experiences to feature in their romance. Suggest doing something exciting, adventurous and unusual to interest a Sagittarius. Make friends first and romance will follow. Sagittarius needs to know you share their passion for roaming the planet. The more self sufficient and independent you are, the more attractive you will be to them. Let Sagittarius see that not only are you passionate, independent and adaptable but you also have a great sense of humour. Make romance a fascinating adventure.


Capricorn (Dec22/Jan20) Being late for a date will not give Capricorn a good first impression. They appreciate punctuality, routine and reliability. The Capricorn’s tastes tend to be rather conservative and romantically, they will prefer to meet away from lively or crowded settings. They can be reserved and cautious and aren’t likely to rush into anything on impulse. To woo a Capricorn, put thought and effort into your relationship. Gifts should be expensive and go for quality items. Capricorn’s ambitions are a big part of their life and they will appreciate a partner who feels the same way about their vocation.


Aquarius (Jan21/Feb19) If you sense there’s chemistry between you and Aquarius and think you can imagine how this relationship will go, you could well be surprised. Romance with an Aquarian will be anything but predictable. Aquarius can blow hot and cold in romance and this won’t be because they aren’t interested, that’s just the way they happen to be. Don’t expect to have an Aquarius all to yourself for any length of time; they need plenty space and freedom. To woo an Aquarius do something unexpected as they like to be surprised. Once you start dating, look forward to a variety of experiences and meeting your partner’s many friends.


Pisces (Feb20/Mar20) Be ready to give Pisces a lot of loving attention. Pisces will be romantic when they’re in the mood and they can be something of a dreamer. Expect Pisces to call you ten times a day early in the relationship and then you may not hear from them for weeks when they just forget to stay in touch. Pisces enjoys lots of sensual pleasures, from good food to hand and foot massages. Never forget a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion or Pisces will start to wonder whether you truly care. Make Valentine’s Day special; plan a surprise they will always remember.