BUDGET – Set for 12.30 pm 22nd April, 2009

The British Chancellor will announce the UK’s budgets for the year to come.

The chart is intriguing, what else but Sun/Taurus at the zenith of the chart – hows about that for a chart dealing with finance and wealth! But I am drawn to the colossal quartet of Uranus/Moon/Mars/Venus in Pisces squared by Pluto (Cap) disassociate. I think we can reasonably say that with the Part of Fortune involving this gruesome set-up in a mutable/cardinal T Square there will be more ducking/diving than the most sneaky spiv could ever spin. Secrets abound (remember how accurate my G20 interpretation was regarding authority and the police, it has come back to haunt them as I suggested) – the same will happen here: a web of spin, gloss, secrets even lies and sooner rather than later the chickens will come home to roost as the Labour Government will have laid the biggest egg since Easter. Whatever figures, stats, facts come from the Dispatch Box, you’d be advised not to believe them, pie in the sky, wishful thinking, just like the last time.

There is very little honesty in the chart and when the Sun (ruler of the chart) in Taurus exactly squares the Leo Ascendant, the fixity is rigid. There are lots of theatrics in this chart: there’s no business like show business, but show business is all about creating a fantasy so people can forget their troubles. This budget merely stores them up for the future. A heavy chart with refuge found in the Saturn trine Mercury, realism – so the more realistic and honest Chancellor Darling is the better but will he be? Can he afford to be? Doubtful, as the rest of the chart is great for a movie premiere than a serious piece of down-to-earth politics. But that’s the problem with the chart, it doesn’t want honesty and openness too afraid of the consequences, but holding onto power (Pluto) is a risky business when you have squares to Mars/Venus/Moon/Uranus it could all blow up in the Govt’s face. I am intuitively drawn to the South Node of the Moon rising in the 1st – what we learn from others? It is squared by the Sun Taurus and quincunx Pluto Cap – so basically this is a Govt who learns nothing from no-one as they always think they know best.

One saving grace is the Sun Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn, this is like resurrection after the crucifixion: the phoenix from the ashes so there is something transforming that will come from this important announcement and if it means righting all the wrongs and negative power games from the past, then out of bad will come good. There will be announcements today to address by reforming some of the self-destructive cultures that have rained-down from those in power, high finance, Government, basically the Plutocrats!

This budget is about a Govt forcing the British – ‘take the medicine as we know what’s good for you, you have no idea what’s good for yourself.’ That fixed Sun/Ascendant is typical of a bully who refuses to budge and gives no options. With the Moon (public) conjunct Uranus/Venus/Mars how much longer will the British stand for this kind of medicine? Once the fantasy sugar wears off and they see the light, that’s Goodbye Mr Brown you’ve had your chips.