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Wow – What a Final Strictly!

And so we come to the Grand Final in bonny, breezyBlackpoolthe capital of showbiz where I lived for many years!


Blackpool’s Tower Ballroom, the palace of showbiz is probably the only place in the country for such a fabulous entertainment extravaganza to be held. The huge ballroom has always been the people’s ballroom and it holds so many happy memories for millions of people who have danced to the melodies of famous bands and orchestras over the years, not to mention Reginald Dixon at the legendary Wurlitzer.


But, I’m getting ahead of myself.


What about the countdown to the final?


First of all we had to gather in London for group rehearsals early in the week and what fun it was to meet up with Nancy, Lulu, Audley, Edwina, Dan, Robbie, Holly, Alex, Anita and of course the remaining stars of the show Harry, Jason and Chelsee. We have all been on a wonderful 99 day long “Strictly” journey together and we have loved every, nerve jangling, muscle straining, footsore minute.


Thursday brought a few more last minute practice sessions.


On Friday we all had to clamber on the coach for a marathon eight hour journey from London through rain, hail, snow and mist to Blackpool to meet up for a laugh and a giggle with Zoe on “Strictly It Takes Two” and a short burst of “We do love to be beside the seaside”. The rigours of the journey were soon forgotten when we all settled down in the magnificent ballroom to drink in the atmosphere of the place and for one or two sneak previews of what Saturday night holds for us all.


And what a spectacular it was – Harry and Aliona get the full forty points for their Quickstep and 37 for their show dance. Jason and Kristina with a terrific Tango earning them 38 points and a full forty for their scintillating show dance. While Chelsee and Pasha won 39 pints for a jumping Jive and 36 for their superb show dance.


Then we all had to bite our nails while the phones rang and the votes were cast ready for the final of the final!


The “Strictly” results show saw Jason and Kristina bow out with cheers ringing in their ears. They have both done so well and pulled off some remarkable and memorable performances, but as I’ve said before – it’s the nature of the show, someone has to win and it can only be one couple. Jason’s grace, generosity and emotion are always and have always been apparent to us all since September. Well done Jason – you are a Star!


It was great to dance with Flavia again when all the competitors got together on the floor for one last dance together. Robbie and Rory swinging me to and fro and then getting hoisted high by the dancers was a very special experience for me. But then the music, the lights, the crowd and all of us friends together made it a memorable moment for me.


Chelsee and Pasha, Harry and Aliona both treated us to marvellous, magical magnificent performance. They were stunning, spectacular, stupendous and it was hard to choose between them, but once again there can only be one winner and it was Harry who had captured all our hearts that finally held the triumphant trophy aloft.


I know I will miss everyone involved, of course my fellow competitors, but also Alisha, Bruno, Len and even Craig.


Tess, Zoe and our very own national institution, icon and treasure, one of nature’s true gentlemen and a wonderful entertainer our very own Sir Bruce.


Well that’s it from me – the end of the “2011 Strictly Come Dancing” Blog I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it for you.


Thanks for being there on our journey and KEEP DANCING!




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