How to Change your Life – Colour yourself beautiful

7678641thb– Red –

Wear energising red if you’re undertaking any activity that requires strength, purpose or passion.

– Pink –

Use pink for any event dedicated to love, friendship and tender reconciliation. It’s also a good colour for parties, celebrations and treating yourself and others.

– Green –

Wearing green can bring prosperity and abundance, but also love and partnerships.

– Yellow –

Sunshine yellow is confidence-boosting and good for clear communication. Wear yellow clothes or make-up when you’re writing, talking, teaching or learning.

– Blue –

Nurturing blue will help with health and healing. It’s also good to wear when you’re taking exams, doing detailed work or travelling.

– Orange –

Choose this bright colour when you want to boost optimism, self-worth and your faith in the future.

– Purple –

Wear purple for spiritual enhancement, to ease yourself through major life changes and for improving finances.

– Brown –

Down-to-earth and protective brown enhances practicality and common sense.

– White –

The purity of white is good to use around the home and in situations involving property, family, life and parents.

– Gold –

Use gold for fun and on holiday, and to help you succeed in show business, music and creative enterprises

– Silver –

This colour helps you dispel negativity or make a fresh start.


Spirit & Destiny

Spirit & Destiny