How to Change your Life – Feel energised

39162260thb– Morning cleanser –

Squeeze half an organic lemon into a glass of water and drink I first thing in the morning to cleanse your liver and kidneys.

– Body detox –

 To cleanse your body, try a gentle, gradual six-week detox. It shouldn’t leave you feeling too weak or cranky!
Week one: Remove all meats. You can have fish

Week two: Avoid all alcohol

Week three: Cut out all caffeine and rink filtered water, herbal teas and dandelion coffee instead.

Week four: Remove all dairy produce. You can have soya, rice or oat milks, goat’s yogurt or cheese, and feta cheese.

Week five: Remove wheat products. Replace wit rye, brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa or millet.

Week six: Avoid all sugar, as well as all of the above. You can have sweet fruits.

– Top up your energy –

Don’t mix concentrated starches such as pasta, rice, bread and potatoes with concentrated proteins such as meat, eggs, cheese and fish.

– Boost digestion –

Give normal tap water or bottles water more life force. Place a quartz crystal in a glass or jug, fill it with filtered water and leave for at least four hours. This ‘structured’ water will penetrate the cells more effectively and hydrate you better.

– Breath of fresh air –

As soon as you wake up, do some deep breathing by an open window. Take the air right down to the bottom of your lungs and hold it for 10 seconds before expelling it. Do this two or three times. The body is more acidic first thing and the fresh morning air will help to restore the acid/alkaline balance.

– Wash and brush-up –

Before a shower or bath, activate your circulation and lymphatic system with skin brushing. Using a long-handles skin brush, work up towards the heart, doing the legs body and arms. Regular brushing can mean fewer colds and flu as you lymph is mobilised to clear out toxins.

– Go barefoot –

Find a place where you can go barefoot for five to ten minutes each week. This will help discharge pent-up electromagnetic energy from computers and mobile phones.

– Sweet dreams –

The body likes routine so stick to a sleep pattern. Go to bed at the same time every night, rather than 9pm one night and midnight the next.


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Spirit & Destiny