Birth Time And Vedic Astrology

Astrology is the science of the planets and stars and it has been used by different societies to explore the relationship between human beings and the universe since time immemorial. It gives us an insight into how the universe and the planetary positions influence our lives. This is possible through the study of “horoscope” or a birth star chart. The time of birth is the starting point of anybody’s life and so it is of paramount importance to get the time of birth recorded accurately. The birth sign indicates the position of the sun during your birth. This sign along with other signs like the Ascendant, Moon sign and signs of other planets influence your deep spiritual growth, energies and also your character. So it is of paramount importance to get your birth time right so that astrologers can read your horoscope precisely.

It is really needless to say that without accurate birth time, very few astrologers could succeed properly in their prophecy. So, when was I born? Real astrology starts from here. But most often than not, people seldom get a totally correct birth time. The time keeping during the birth process often is neglected (naturally!), and there are many other sources of errors, too. Recorded birth times may be incorrect by 10 and more minutes. To be really sure, you require a mathematical correction of your birth time. But how to get your birth time correct to the exact second?

Vedic astrologers calculate the birth time scientifically. This service is based on the dates of major life events. The result is accurate to the second and can be used in any horoscope or any individual astrology chart. Many astrologers recommend this rectification service. That is a unique ability and Vedic astrology cannot be done completely accurately and properly without having the totally accurate birth time including hour, minutes and seconds. The Vedic knowledge is more than 5000 years old and there is a lot of important information found in the original Sanskrit scripts of Astrology.