The Constellations

Every night when you look up at a clear night sky, all the great planets, and stars will surely reveal themselves. They are infinity in numbers, and most unreachable for our knowledge today. If you look into books about the constellations today, then you will most probably be looking at some boring dots connected by some thin lines, which for many makes no sense at all. The constellations are much more than just dots upon paper and only few books give them the right credit. But ever since the Hubble Telescope and their artist have begun watching the deep heavens, the constellation has become even more magnificent to look upon or even into.

Each constellation is filled with thousands of stars and galaxies, in the midst of emptiness hangs worlds of infinity possibilities. The constellations are not merely the 12 known astrology signs, but many more. The Greeks had more than we account for today. Through the centuries we have even changed a lot of the signs, as did the ancient Greeks. Actually there are many ‘lost’ constellations in our modern world, how or why such things have changed must be an interesting subject in itself. Even the modern zodiac signs were not 12 like we use today, it is clearly evident that after the Greeks invasion into Egypt, these things were changed. For instant, back in those days, Libra did not exist in the manner that we define it today, but it was a much more complex subject, which was connected to Scorpio.

In ancient days, Libra was the claws of Scorpio. This is also very clear when you begin to study the nature of the Scorpio or if you study the attributes of Libra. Libra is mostly referred to as the only ‘Thing’ in the 12 zodiac signs, an object detached from human emotional bonds. It is the scale that weighs right against wrongs, and in doing so also judging themselves. The Scorpio is an awesome power in itself, and it has a stinger and claws to show for it. But looking closer at these two points, it becomes even clearer as to why Libra is the ‘claws of Scorpio.’ The Scorpion’s stinger is actually its weapon; it stings on reaction and is quick in the heat of the moment. But the Scorpion claws are rarely used, and especially not as a weapon like its back portion. It probably uses the claws for handling food and in interaction with other scorpions, but never to attack with. The constellations are worlds to look upon. It is remarkable to realise that this is in fact what astrology is build upon, and yet it is knowledge so old. It must be clear evidence for our capabilities.