Dark Moon and Moon Astrology

The position of the Dark Moon or Lillith in the birth chart draws attention to your dark side. It represents the deepest and darkest part of the subconscious. Key words associated with the Dark Moon or Lilith are: Dreams, Jealousy, Secrets, Seduction, Deceit, Darkness and Danger.

The following gives brief interpretations of the Dark Moon or Lilith in the Signs:

Dark Moon in Aries

Try to consider the needs of the people around you; don’t keep putting yourself first all the time. You have a strong need to achieve but you must be willing to make compromises along the way. Sexually you might suppress desires or to the other extreme may want to control your partner in and out of bed.

Dark Moon in Taurus

You have a strong need for emotional and material security. Change unnerves you. Strong sexual desires could lead you into emotional relationships that aren’t right for you in that they don’t provide you with the commitment you desire.

Dark Moon in Gemini

You’re a person of emotional contradictions; sometimes you don’t even know yourself. It isn’t always easy to get your feelings across to others and this causes misunderstandings in relationships. Sexual fantasies are vivid but should not stop you searching for the real thing.

Dark Moon in Cancer

There is likely to be a strong connection with your mother or a female relative who was always there for you in childhood. You may have been over-protected and this makes independence difficult in adulthood. Imagination plays a large part in your sexual relationships.

Dark Moon in Leo

You dislike other people trying to dominate you and this pushes you to always want to be the boss. You have a large ego and a constant desire for praise and admiration. Be sure to offer encouragement to those who deserve it. In romance you prefer to be the dominant partner.

Dark Moon in Virgo

You strive to hide your emotions from other people and even yourself. Logic makes sense to you and you hate it when feelings and intuition get in the way. You try to ignore instinct but could benefit by getting intuition and reason in balance. Sexually, you keep yourself distant from your partner who may feel starved of affection.

Dark Moon in Libra

There’s a tendency to live your life through other people rather than be independent. A strong craving for a partner could lead you to team-up with the wrong people throughout life rather than wait for the right ones to come along. You might try to manipulate relationships to suit your own needs. Romantically you’re attracted to sexy, seductive types who give you no sense of emotional security.

Dark Moon in Scorpio

Emotions always kick in first making you react with passion and feeling. You need to teach yourself to calm down and think before reacting. Accidents and events in life bring about endings and new beginnings. Everything is felt so very powerfully. Sexually you’re attracted to those with strong personalities.

Dark Moon in Sagittarius

You’re enthusiastic and passionate about anything that takes your interest. You’re a restless soul at heart and have a strong need to travel and for personal freedom. Guard against setting goals for yourself that are out of reach. Sexually passionate, you also crave independence and fear long-term emotional commitment.

Dark Moon in Capricorn

Power is a drug to you. Ambition is your driving force but know when to ease off and take notice of your closest relationships. Could your need to succeed be leaving loved ones feeling miserable and lonely? Sexually you will attempt to suppress your desires if emotional togetherness might interfere with professional and personal goals.

Dark Moon in Aquarius

A desire to help others can interfere with your own personal needs. Sacrifices you make for other people are immense and in giving so much of your time to others, you might lose touch with your real self. Your happiest sexual relationship is when your lover is also your best friend.

Dark Moon in Pisces

You soak in other people’s moods, feelings and thoughts like a sponge soaks up water. You are likely to have clairvoyant ability even if you have tried not to accept this. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Secrecy is linked with sexual affairs.