Moon Signs and Moon Astrology

A brief interpretation of the Moon in the Astrological Signs

Moon Sign Aries

Warm and enthusiastic; can be emotionally impulsive and impatient to see results. Quick to forgive and forget.

Moon Sign Taurus

Will get touchy and moody if people put pressure on them. Doesn’t like to be pushed. Prefers to do things in their own time. Needs to be touched and caressed. Romantic and sensitive.

Moon Sign Gemini

Adaptable and changeable. Can be temperamental and will change mood from moment to moment. Finds ease through talking about feelings.

Moon Sign Cancer

Is very much in tune with emotions and spiritual side. Kind, sympathetic and sensitive to the needs of others. May have an inferiority complex.

Moon Sign Leo

Expansive in expression of emotions. Generous and caring. Passionate and romantic. Moon sign Leos enjoy being spoiled by those they love.

Moon Sign Virgo

Will always endeavour to keep emotions in check. Can be critical of self and others and will analyse emotions before showing feelings. Tends to be shy and self-conscious.

Moon Sign Libra

An enduring and loving relationship will provide Moon Sign Libra with emotional security. Pleasant and charming personality. Falls in love swiftly and is an incorrigible romantic.

Moon Sign Scorpio

Emotions run deeply. Scorpio Moon has a deep, secretive side. Will be intense and passionate in loving relationships.

Moon Sign Sagittarius

Enthusiastic and open about sharing emotions. Their natural optimism has a positive affect on friendships and close relationships.

Moon Sign Capricorn

Emotional contentment comes through success and power. Is cautious and unlikely to take unnecessary risks. Can be pessimistic.

Moon Sign Aquarius

Friendly and extrovert and yet can be a bit of a dark horse. The Aquarius Moon will prefer to keep feelings to themselves. Can be incredibly helpful but may also be rebellious.

Moon Sign Pisces

Idealistic, romantic and sensitive. Moon Sign Pisces loves to love and to be loved. Will be compassionate and affectionate in love relationships.