The sun passing through your 12 houses.

39202705_thbAs planets travel through the 12 houses they’ll briefly light up your birth date positions – each with a slightly different effect. Take a look below to see how the Sun passing through your 1st to 12th houses can influence those areas of your life. Knowing possible situations in advance can better prepare you overall. Remember when you look up your “Personalised Forecast” you’ll have a more accurate forecast than any “Daily Predictions” can provide.

Sun Passing through Your 1st House
More emphasis will be on the self during this time. A feeling of being recharged will be evident. Ego will be strengthened.

Sun Passing through Your 2nd House
Emphasis will be on material possessions now. Sensual activities will be more attractive and senses overall will be heightened. Caution against overindulging and over spending.

Sun Passing through Your 3rd House
Quick trips will be apparent now, also finishing off errands that have been building up. More social engagements and a desire to be heard. Restlessness will set in if new subjects or adventures aren’t attempted.

Sun Passing through Your 4th House
Matters that relate closer to home are now in the foreground. Recharging through family during this time is recommended for those that need it. Good time for any household chores or for moving to another home.

Sun Passing through Your 5th House
Children’s needs or the child inside adults will need attention. Creative ventures are highly recommended now as the mind is fertile. A great time for romance or vacations.

Sun Passing through Your 6th House
Concentrate efforts towards work during this time. Working to impress superiors is recommended as they will also likely be watching. A sense of needing to be selfless will be evident during this period.

Sun Passing through Your 7th House
Relationships will need to be nurtured during this time. Marriages and partnerships will be in the spotlight. Good time for rejuvenating the romantic side of a partnership. Use the advantage of alliances during this period.

Sun Passing through Your 8th House
Probing beneath superficial subjects will be strong now. Other people’s possessions will also come into play. Finances will seem more important. A working relationship concerning a particular project may end now.

Sun Passing through Your 9th House
Travel or late night philosophy talks will be more attractive now. Education or work projects may take centre stage. Do something totally new because now is the perfect time for it.

Sun Passing through Your 10th House
Perfect time to boost ones career. Prestige and honour are highlighted now. Superiors will either give accolades or criticism. If changing jobs, best time for rehiring or for favourable interviews.

Sun Passing through Your 11th House
Getting together with groups or having contact with organisations is emphasised now. Friends will be a priority. Gaining through connections is excellent now. Independent thought inside of a group can also be evident.

Sun Passing through Your 12th House
Giving to those in need is recommended now. A feeling of needing to withdraw from society will be stronger. Reading between the lines or psychic flashes may occur. Inner emotions may clash with outside appearances.