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Millbrook, NY (PRWEB) September 19, 2007

Swetha Lodha, of – one of the largest online esoteric communities, is proud to announce the official launch of MB Free Tarot Software. It is available online at This advanced software is a unique esoteric tool for both amateurs as well as experts. It gives tarot readings for the amateurs and allows the experts to import and export self designed decks and spreads so that they can be shared with friends. MB Free Tarot Software is the perfect platform to start for all those who are interested in this ancient form of divination.

Speaking on the newly launched software Swetha says, Tarot reading has always been found to be an accurate method of divination for people who believe in it. Our main aim is to make this available to one and all and for free. She further adds, Tarot cards can help in spiritual healing and guide you in your quest in the real world. I have always sincerely wanted to help people achieve this and I feel there couldn't be a better way than making a tool that could be used by everyone. Creating and sharing decks and spreads will help people share their interpretations and experiences, making this learning process truly interesting.

The software MB Free Tarot Software ( has been designed keeping in mind the introduction of the new and sophisticated tarot decks, which have made tarot card images more than just mere symbols. It can be used to share spreads and layouts with people who have a genuine interest in tarot card reading. It can be used as a reference or even as an introductory and learning tool by the novices who are new to the subject of Tarot. It helps one develop their intuitive skills thus making a person more sensitive to the unexplored realms of psychic. You can experiment with deck designs and spread layouts thus developing your inherent skill to read the tarot cards.

Speaking about the features of the software Swetha says, MB Free Tarot Software ( is one of its kind software tool which helps you design your own custom tarot decks / spreads the way you visualize it and share it with other people and your friends who have interest in tarot. It is an interesting way of developing and improving your psychic skills. She also points out, We all know that tarot is the most popular form of divination. It has been used for fortune telling for ages. Using the software, you can also receive a tarot reading based on the pre-designed decks / spreads of the software or the ones that you have designed. We plan to include more decks in the future thus giving the users a wider choice for their readings.

Career, love, relations and the future in general are very sensitive and personal issues for all human beings. Predictions related to these subjects and getting the right and appropriate reading is quite expensive these days, which everybody may not be able to afford. Moreover, a few professional tarot readers driven by commercial gains and hence give suggestions that turn out to be incorrect. This is where this unique Tarot Software stands out. The readings generated by this software are based on complex set of rules and unbiased.

MB Free Tarot Software ( has been designed keeping the average Internet users in mind. Its easy to install, fun, friendly, easy-to-use and it's free. Complementing the software, there is also a huge forum ( with tarot professionals whom one can ask for help.

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