22723815thbBirthstones are something the whole world is aware of. Birthstones originated a very long time back. These birthstones even have some association with the planets and their movements influencing the social and personal lives of people. The birthstones are different for all the months. It has some association with the beliefs of astrologists and historians who have been providing their own definitions and phenomenon about the planet movements, zodiac signs and birthstones. The gems and their attributes change lives of individuals. Humans have never seized to believe in supernatural powers and different elements of nature. The sequence of birthstones has been fixed by specialists after much observations and thorough study. They have finalised which stone belongs to which month and what attributes does each of these stones carry with itself.

For January the birthstone is Garnet, for February we have the stone called Amethyst. These 2 stones have both different olden times belief that they purify things and they prevent bloodshed.

The month of March presents Aquamarine blessing the wearer with love and affection.

For May, we have Emerald. The possessor of this gem is protected.

June and July the hot months present Alexandrite and Ruby respectively. These birthstones can give the possessor varied abilities and good luck.

The later months of the year have birthstones called Peridot, Sapphire, and Tourmaline for August, September and October.

November and lastly December have to offer the birthstones known as Imperial Topaz and Turquoise.

These are however merely stones and it is a fact that if a person starts to depend on such elements for courage, strength and abilities he cannot become strong, instead he will end up more weak. So it’s just better to keep these precious stones as an adornment and for beauty only.