A Step by Step guide to Dowsing


Choose a piece of jewellery or small item you have a special attachment to. This is usually something you’ve worn or handles a lot, such as an earring, pendant or a wedding ring. Tie this item to a piece of string or a chain so that it can dangle six inches below your hand. You’ve now made your pendulum.


To use the pendulum as a diving tool, it’s vital to energise it beforehand. Hold the string gently but securely between the thumb and first finger of the hand you write with. Arch your hand upwards slightly, relax it at the wrist and let the pendulum drop. Close your eyes for a few seconds and allow your mind to clear. As you feel your breathing slowing down, the pendulum will become attuned to the energy vibrations that are all around and within us.


Allow your pendulum to hang about an inch and a half above the centre of the wheel. After a few moments you’ll notice that it will begin to swing in circles or back and forth.
A pendulum will only work if you free your inhibitions and view dowsing with an open mind. Think of yourself as TV aerial that can receive wavelengths given off by objects and people. As soon as your subconscious receives a pulse of energy, or wavelength, a signal is passed through your body and into your hand, causing the pendulum to move. As you become more relaxed, you’ll notice this process becoming easier.
Either aloud or in your mind, ask your pendulum to reveal your ideal vocation at this stage in your life. Then relax and wait to see which icon the pendulum swings most clearly towards.
Once you’re happy with the pendulum’s indication, read more about its message.



Spirit & Destiny

Spirit & Destiny