I dreamed about BIRDS – what does BIRDS mean in a dream?



Birds are generally a good omen, especially if they’re singing or flying. Dead birds mean worries are on the way – unless they are birds of prey; then the worries will be short-lived. If the birds are in the nest, family happiness is coming. Birds hatching are a sign of delayed profit. A flock of birds predicts a family reunion. A bird cage signals a happy mar-riage, but if it’s empty with an open door, it’s a sign of betrayal. Individual types of birds have their own meanings:

An albatross is a good luck sign and means you will receive some good news and a stroke of good fortune.

A buzzard is an old bird warning you not to repeat gossip. It will only bounce back!

Hear a cock crow and some wonderful news is on the way. But fighting cocks predict family feuds.

Don’t listen to gossip if you dream of a cockatoo. See it in a cage, arid you will soon realise how indiscreet you’ve been.

One white dove says there will be a peaceful solution to your problems. See a flock of them, and you’ll meet up with an old friend again soon. Cooing doves predict a lasting love affair.

Ducks are a lucky sign unless they attack you – then you will lose something. Flying ducks mean money coming soon. Swimming, they’re a sign family life will be happy.

A flying eagle is a very good sign for business. If it perches up high, you will get fame as well as fortune. But if the eagle attacks, there are problems ahead.

The funny old emu indicates a well-meaning friend is feeding you duff advice. Don’t listen!

See small feather and an exceptional stroke of luck will bring you mountains of money. Ornamental feathers or things made from feathers, such as a boa, are a sign of social success. A white feather is a sign of a long-lasting friendship.

An exotic flamingo predicts new experiences in exciting places.

Geese are a sign of improvement if they’re flying, swim-ming, or walking around. But hear them cackling, and some-one is trying to con you.

See a hawk flying and the future is bright. If not, life is bound to be boring for a while.

A black hen predicts sad news. A white one good news, and a brown one money luck. A clucking one and you’re about to hear some really exciting gossip. Prosperity is on the way if the hen is laying. Kill one and a few ups and downs will have to be faced. Pluck one and an unexpected bill is about to come through the letter box.

It’s time to give up on something if you see a magpie. You are wasting energy and it’s probably being directed at someone of the opposite sex who’s simply not interested.

Spot an ostrich and your social life is about to become hectic – and you’ll have the money to enjoy it. The cham-pagne’s going to be on you!

An owl in a dream heralds disappointment – drive it away and things will improve. See an owl in the house and family troubles are inevitable.

Don’t gossip is the message from a colourful, talking parrot.

A stork isn’t a good sign. It’s an omen of changes that will leave you worse off than before. Seen in a nest, it predicts family problems. Flying is a sign you could be about to commit a crime. Watch that speed limit!

A black swan means you will shortly face business problems. White ones and your love life will blossom. On a pond, a swan predicts wealth.

Strutting around, a gobbling turkey predicts confusion. Kill one, and a stroke of good luck is coming your way. Cook it and it’s a sign of prosperity. But eat the meat and you could be about to make a serious error of judgement.

Vultures flying suggest you have a love rival. If they’re eating, fortune is about to smile on you. Kill a vulture and you will soon be in complete control of your life.

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