I dreamed about CLOTHES – what does CLOTHES mean in a dream?



Basically, the fewer the better! Wear few clothes and luck is on its way. But this is a bit of a dream of opposites. Putting on clothes signifies success. Undressing forecasts some reversals. Shabby clothes are a warning not to go into business with friends, but really tatty clothes can signify an inheritance. Tight uncomfortable clothes are a sign you need to protect your reputation by cooling down your sex life!.

Individual garments also have their meanings, but the more fashionable and chic the clothes, the more problems there will be. New clothes are a sign of domestic tiffs.

A crisp, clean apron is an omen of happiness, but if it’s black or dirty it spells danger. Put one on and you could get a visit from relatives. Wash one and a new love is about to enter your life.

Get into a bathrobe or dressing-gown and you will need your family’s help to carry out some jobs. Giving one as a present is a warning not to be so presumptuous. Back off a bit.

An old belt means things will start to pick up for you. A new leather belt means relationships that have been a bit tense will improve. A silk or material belt shows that some of your desires can never be fulfilled. Wear a belt and it’s a sign you want to move house. Take it off, and it shows just how insecure you are feeling.

New or shiny boots predict promotion and financial secur-ity. Old ones mean there are difficulties ahead.

Hook yourself into a bra and it’s a sign you’re extremely adaptable. Buy one, and you’ve recently made the right decision – but didn’t it take a long time? If it’s a small bra, you’re being bad-tempered and aggressive – lighten up! A big one is a sign to stop being so stubborn at work. It will lead to mistakes. A white bra is a symbol of contentment.

Fasten a buckle and it’s a sign of a close-knit family. An unclasped one means you’ve got to take positive steps to avoid a row in that romance of yours. Trying to fasten or undo a buckle means you should pay more attention at work.

Anything with bright shiny new buttons is a sign of wealth and security. Old or broken buttons are a warning to get out of an emotional tangle you’re in. Lose a button and it means you’ve been spending too much money lately.

Wearing a cap is a good omen for your love life. Buy one and you could receive an inheritance. A dirty or old cap means things may not go your way in business. A military cap is a sign you will win the day – despite serious oppo-sition.

Any cloak or cape forecasts a period of uncertainty. If it has a hood you’re being deceived by someone you trust. Try and choose your friends more carefully. You’re in for a passionate sexy love affair if you see yourself in clogs. But sorry, it won’t last long.

Help someone on with their coat and you will be asked for a loan. Lend a coat and you’re about to make a new friend. A shabby old coat is a symbol of money luck whereas a new one signifies business reversals. Hang a coat up and the boss is looking favourably at you.

Clean collars are a sign your current amour is a reliable one. But a dirty or torn collar says you are being deceived. Even perhaps deceiving yourself.

A new dress and you’ll be a scintillating social success. An embroidered one is a sign you’re red-hot sexually now as long as you don’t take it all too seriously. If you receive a dress as a present, then a man you don’t know yet is going to help you.

See yourself with ermine and you’re about to buy property. Buy it, and it’s time to cling on to your cash. Sell it and someone is going to diddle you.

The son of glossy fashion mags you’re likely to see that particular fur in suggest you’ve been working too hard. Try and have some fun. Any other kind of luxurious fur is a sign you’ll run into major problems thanks to others’ jealousy. Put a fur coat on and you will get involved with an important relationship at work. All that sucking up to the boss could well pay off at last! Give fur as a present and you are wasting your time on risky ventures.

White fur means you will lose a friend. Black says your ideas simply won’t work and brown means emotional dramas. Dream of fur in a shop window and your plans will succeed because this time at least you have thought them through. Mink says you’re being too greedy over something. Sable – curb your extravagance.

Children’s pyjamas mean you are in for a long wait – and it won’t be worth it in the end. Put pyjamas on and your passion for someone simply won’t be returned. Take them off, and it’s a sign you’re feeling insecure and unloved.

A shawl round your shoulders shows money will be tight for a while. On your head, and it’s a good sign for your love life.

A clean shirt is a lucky omen, but dirty it predicts a period of gloom.

Worn-out shoes spell success. New ones are a sign of over-confidence. Lose them and you’re wasting your time on some-thing. Shine your shoes and a new venture will go surpris-ingly well. Comfy sandals suggest you’re in for a new romance. Tight, and there will be a row over money. White sandals show your talent is not being recognised. Children’s sandals are a sign a favourable suggestion is about to be put to you.

A white skirt is a sign of true happiness. Any other colour and your hopes are about to come true. A short skirt says you’re getting involved in something you shouldn’t, and a long one predicts you’re going to cheat someone. You’ll score a romantic success if you see a cotton skirt.

Cosy old slipper suggest an emotional relationship may be in danger if they are women’s. Men’s indicate you have a strong and lasting relationship. Fabric ones, and you need to make some changes. Leather, and things go well. Buy slippers, and it’s a good time for a flutter. If they’re falling apart your career will take a step up.

Putting stockings on predicts profits. Take them off and changes are on their way. Laddered stockings suggest minor money problems. If they are silk a spot of money luck is on the cards. Woollen forecasts security. A garter relates to your love life. For a man it shows you have the hots for a particular lady right now. For a woman it’s a sign of faithfulness. Sus-penders are a warning you have fallen for the wrong man; for a man it means a surprise gain.

Torn or dirty trousers, and emotional problems are inevitable. But the cheaper the material the better the money luck. Cotton predicts wealth, but see silk trousers and you’ll be constantly worrying about how to pay those bills.

A veil suggests something you’re about to embark on is against your principles. Think it over carefully before com-mitting yourself. A torn veil suggests a mystery will soon be solved. Seen on a bride it spells changes for the better. Lose one and you will soon be blushing about something. A mourn-ing veil means something is going to make you angry.

Someone has changed their mind and it will affect you if you see a waistcoat. A silk one is a sign you’re hankering after the past. White, and the family will all agree on some-thing. Black, and an unpleasant event is on the cards. But a green waistcoat and your friends are jealous of you. Put one on and you will row with a loved one.

See a broken zip or one that’s stuck and you will soon be blushing socially. Zip something up, and all those little minor irritations will quickly be cleared up.

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