I dreamed about FLOWERS – what does FLOWERS mean in a dream?

I had a dream about FLOWERS


Dream of fresh, colourful flowers and you will soon be happier than ever before. Dead or wilted flowers are a warning that you’re getting over-confident and even careless. You will come a cropper if you don’t look out.

Artificial flowers show you are under pressure to compromise your principles. Don’t! Wild flowers are a sign you’re in for a bit of an adventure.

Flowers in bloom say you should beware of a secret. It could spell danger.

A happy social event is on the cards if you see a fresh bouquet. A withered one spells illness or even death. Receive a bouquet and you’re in for some pleasure. Give one and you needn’t worry about your lover. They’re as loyal as they come.

Buttercups show what a delicate state you’re in emotionally. Money-wise you need to calm down and take stock.

You can solve your problems if you listen to advice. Buy buttercups and your emotional life will be plain sailing.

Fake flowers spell jealousy on the part of a friend.

A neat garden without flowers predicts life will be comfortable. Apart, that is, from the odd emotional hiccup. But a neglected or overgrown one signals troubled times ahead. A beautiful garden in full bloom is a spectacular dream. Both love and money will be yours. What more could you want?.

A garland of flowers says either good news is on the way or you are about to have some short-lived pleasures. Having a garland on your head is a symbol of success although you will be on the rough end of a lot of back-biting once you get to the top.

See yourself in a greenhouse and it forecasts success and a star-studded future.

Dreaming of white heather is one of the luckiest dreams you could possibly have. Any other kind is an excellent omen for all areas of your life.

See or smell lavender and things will go well with the opposite sex. Perhaps even a new affair is round the comer for you.

A meadow full of flowers and your happiness and trust in your mate are being reciprocated. A newly mown meadow suggests you’re depressed about something.

If it’s an orchard in bloom it’s a sign of good luck.

Pull petals from a flower or see them fall and you are in for a love split or about to lose a good friend. You will be sad, but if you put it down to experience it will help in future.

Pick roses and great happiness is predicted. Give them to someone and it’s a sign someone loves you very much.

Receive them and socially you will be a stunning success.

A glass vase says you’re being indecisive. China is a sign FOOD 109 of good luck. Full of flowers, a vase suggests your finances are about to improve dramatically.

Weeds in a garden are a sign you’re keeping bad company and it’s ruining your reputation. Dig them out and every cloud on your horizon will have a silver lining.

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