I dreamed about FOOD – what does FOOD mean in a dream?



Dreaming of food is generally a good sign. But if there isn’t enough to go round in the dream then you must do some careful planning to make sure you don’t go short. Selling food means money luck. Buying it means a family celebration.

Eat almonds and you will be lucky and have a long life.

Buy them and you will triumph over your enemies.

See aspic and your social life is about to take off.

A scrummy avocado is a delicious omen for your love life.

Having an avocado means you will get a marriage proposal.

Buying them means you will be loved by many people. Eating them spells a visit from a loved one.

Eat bacon and your prosperity will continue. Buy it or see it rank and you should have a medical check-up. If you see it frying, a surprise gift is coming.

Raw beef is a warning to keep yourself to yourself: don’t give away secrets. To turn down a serving of beef means you will soon be needing help. But if you eat and enjoy it business will boom.

Hard work will bring its rewards if you see beets. Eating them means your love life will go from strength to strength.

Biscuits are a good omen if you eat them. You will soon win a prize or a distinction which you really deserve. Hand out biscuits and you’ve been over-indulging a bit lately, haven’t you?.

You may well be in for a win on the horses if you see bread. At least some kind of gamble will prove successful.

Eating it is a sign of good health and fitness. If you make bread, a long-distance friend will send you some news. White bread is a sign you’re feeling fragile and over-sensitive. Brown bread means your friends will rally round when you need them. A bread roll, and, sadly, your current quiet life is about to come to an end.

For lovers, dreaming of butter is a sign of marriage. For others it means welcome guests will soon be coming to stay.

Cake is a lucky sign. Sweet cake spells a legacy or promotion at work.

If the cake has thick icing then you’re in for a terrific time socially. Baking or buying cake is a sure sign you’ve got plenty of friends. Eating it spells luck in almost anything you do.

See yourself eating cheese and you will be successful in love. Make it and things you’re currently working on will turn out better than your wildest dreams. Grated cheese is a sign of money luck.

Cooking chestnuts is an omen that someone you trust is exploiting you. Eat them and it’s a sign of a successful sex life.

Split or open chestnuts, and a mystery that’s been bugging you will be solved.

Your love life is looking up if you eat chips.

Chocolate reflects your current state of ease and well being. Eat it and you must expect to lose money or have a major expense. Chocolate with nuts is a sign you’re bored.

Drinking chocolate means a marriage proposal.

You will soon get a surprise gift – probably money – if you see a coconut. See it on a tree, and you must beware of women who talk too much.

Eating cucumber means recovery from illness or the return of a long-lost friend. If they are cooked, you are in danger of making a business boo-boo. Reconsider any decisions.

Life is bound to be boring if you see custard. Never mind. Who needs that much excitement anyway?.

See yourself on a diet and business will boom. A vegetarian diet and you have friends you can trust. If you’re actually on a diet the dream probably means you are hungry!.

You’d better get ready to go on a trip if you dream of doughnuts. If you were expecting to, then pack more clothes: you’ll be staying longer than you thought.

Eat eggs and your health will improve. Find them in a nest and you will get a surprise windfall. But broken, cracked, or rotting eggs mean someone you trust is about to let you down in a big way. Easter eggs predict a celebration.

Eat fat and your love life will go well. Cook with it and you will make money in business. The fatter you or others are in your dream the fewer your worries will be.

See yourself having a feast and difficulties are on the horizon. Prepare one, and someone else is going to get what you want. Flour is a good sign. You will be healthy, strong, and life will be comfortable. Cooking with flour signals good news in the family.

Eat food with a fork and your worries won’t last long.

Put food in a fridge and your prosperity will increase. Take it out and unexpected guests are about to arrive.

If it’s frozen food, then an exciting trip or terrific party is being planned for you.

See a bowl of fruit and your home life will be happy. You are also in for a run of good health. Bitter or rotten fruit is a sign of sadness. Wild fruit means you will be comfortable but never rich.

Fry anything in a dream and your love life will soon take a turn for the worse. Bum whatever it is you are frying, and you will quickly be consoled. But it could be a case of out of the frying pan into the fire, so be careful.

Sweet fudge is a sign you should cut your spending. Buy it, and your love life is in for some ups and downs.

See garlic and you’re about to find something you thought you’d lost. Eat it, and be careful – quarrels are in the air.

Cook with it, and it’s a sign to watch out at work. You’re simply not very popular at the moment.

Taste or smell ginger and a passionate love affair is on the cards. But sorry, it simply won’t last. Gingerbread is a sign of a family party.

Eat or serve gravy and you’re wasting time. But making it means it’s a good time for a flutter.

See yourself in a grocer’s shop and your current plans should go well. See yourself as a grocer, and some family squabbles are about to erupt. Buying groceries shows you’re in a calm state of mind and going through a lucky phase. A closed grocer’s shop shows a project of yours will come to a dead-end.

A highland haggis spells money on the way if you eat it. But cut it or serve it, and you must try to be more discreet.

Ham is a good omen. Smoke it, and a prosperous year is ahead. Bake it, and your worries will soon disappear. Eat it, and business will boom.

A full food hamper says happy family times are ahead. But if it’s empty it warns of an emotional upset.

Honey in a dream is an unusually favourable sign predicting sweet successes in home and social life.

Feeling hungry in a dream signifies good luck and a healthy bank balance. The greater the hunger, the more fortune will smile on you.

Eat ice cream and your relationships are secure. Serve, buy or sell it and you’re in for some minor successes.

Jam eaten alone shows you are lonely and sad and on the point of having a row with someone close. Eat it with others, and you’ll make new friends. Make it, and you could be about to wed.

Lies and deceit are in the wind if you see jelly. Eat it and there will be unhappiness in the family.

See yourself pouring ketchup on food and a new friend of the opposite sex is about to come into your life – and they could be a bit saucy!.

Eat or cook kidneys and you should stay away from the betting shop. In fact, don’t gamble at all for quite some time.

Cut lard and you could lose a dear friend. Cook with it and it’s a warning you love money too much. There’s more to life, you know.

Your personal affairs are in a bit of a mess if you eat lettuce. Buy one and you will soon be in a mess emotionally.

Wash a lettuce, and it’s a warning not to act foolishly. Take time to think.

Eat or cook liver and your health will take a turn for the better.

Macaroni is a sign unexpected guests are about to arrive. Make sure you’ve got enough food in.

Marshmallows predict an exciting new friend of the opposite sex.

Meat, if you buy or cook it, is an omen of prosperity. Eat it and you’re in for a row with someone. Frozen meat is a symbol of deceit, and if it’s rotten it’s a warning to watch your health.

Read a menu and life will be comfortable. Perhaps not luxurious, but you won’t want for much. A waiter or waitress seen in an hotel is a lucky sign. If they serve you at home, family problems are looming. Dressed in black-and-white uniforms, they suggest danger is around the comer. Watch out for it.

Mustard, and you’re going to deeply regret something. On a table, it predicts petty squabbles. Cook with it, and trouble is on the horizon. Buying it is a sign to beware of false friends.

Eat or cook noodles and you will make progress with some cherished plan.

Crack open nuts and your current projects will be successful. Eat them, and health will improve.

Grated nutmeg and you’d better get those recipe books out: you’re going to be doing a lot of entertaining. Taste or smell it, and it’s a warning to question people’s motives. Don’t let them use you to their advantage.

Oats are a successful sign if you are in business. For the traveller they indicate a successful and profitable journey.

Pick olives and success at work will follow. Buy them and your emotions are running high. Eat them and an offer you simply can’t refuse is about to be made to you. Green olives are a sign of good health. Black ones show your relationships are a bit troublesome at the moment.

Make an omelette and it’s a sign you are trying hard to save money. Eat it, and it’s a warning not to gamble – you simply can’t win. If the omelette falls fiat, some onerous new task will fall to you. It will prove beneficial in the end.

Get your glad rags on if you make pancakes. A social whirl is predicted. Eat them, and your current projects will go well.

A pantry well stocked with food says good times are ahead. But if the cupboard is bare, it’s time to tighten your belt.

Eat parley and you will get where you want, thanks to a lucky break. Growing it signifies hard work but eventual success.

Your popularity is about to increase if you see peanuts. See peanut butter and you are feeling guilty about something; either confess it or forget it.

Spice up your food with pepper and it’s time to curb your enthusiasm for a financial venture. It may not be as successful as you think. Grind pepper and it’s a good time to take up a new hobby. You are full of beans, so why waste your energy?.

Take food on a picnic and a secret could spell danger.

Make a pie and you are in a strong position. Eat one, and you suspect one of your friends may be being disloyal. You’re right!.

A pizza piled high with toppings is an indication your relationships are going from strength to strength. A burnt one says you’re about to score a success with the opposite sex. Make one, and you are entering a very favourable period. Eat pizza and it’s a sign you are about to throw yourself wholeheartedly into a new project.

Eat quail and you will suffer from a bad attack of remorse.

Swift success is about to be yours if you see radishes. But eat them and you will have to put up with some stiff competition before you get what you want.

Raisins say you’ll soon be spending faster than you can earn. Simply see them and a few pleasant social events are around the comer.

Dream of a recipe and it’s a warning that all work and no play is likely to lead to a nervous breakdown! But all play and no work is the road to ruin. Try and strike a happy medium. Give someone a recipe, and it shows you are pretty unflappable right now.

See a restaurant in town and someone is keeping something from you. In the country and problems are round the comer. If it’s crowded you will run into trouble with your partner by being too timid. Empty, and your partner is about to behave unpredictably. An attractive proposition is about to be made if you see yourself eating food in a restaurant.

Eating rice is a very good omen for romance. Cook it and something you thought impossible will prove easy. Pick it and business profits are forecast.

Any roast food is a sign of good luck. Carve or serve a roast and the family will soon have something to celebrate.

See rye bread and you will make an interesting new friend.

See salad and it’s a healthy sign. Your talent is about to be spotted at work. Toss one, and happy family times are ahead.

Eat salmon and a lovers’ tiff can be made up if you really care.

Sprinkle salt and it’s an excellent omen. All your troubles will be little ones.

Eat or make sandwiches at home and you will soon have a chance to improve yourself. Eat them in a restaurant, and it’s a warning to keep your secrets to yourself. Toasted or picnic sandwiches mean you should think again before embarking on that new love affair.

Sardines say someone is jealous of you. In a tin, they’re a sign you are trying to hide feelings of resentment. Try talking it over with someone.

A tomato sauce predicts a letter. If it’s curry, it’s a warning not to give full reign to your feelings in one particular emotional attachment.

Simply see sausages and you’re in for a happy surprise.

Tuck in to tasty bangers and you could be responsible for a broken marriage or love affair.

Eat scallops and things will improve. Raw, they predict a surprise trip.

Snails are not a good omen: you’re being a bit unreliable and moody.

Hot soup says things will turn out better than you had hoped. Cold and it’s a bad omen for your love life. If it’s over, face up to it or things will go from bad to worse.

Vegetable soup indicates family problems.

See spaghetti and it’s time to get out the glad rags. Party time is round the comer. If the spaghetti is in sauce, you can expect a real celebration soon.

A wooden spoon predicts a secret liaison with someone of FOOD 117 the opposite sex. Eat food with a tablespoon and it shows you’re adaptable. A teaspoon suggests you are over-critical.

Cook a juicy steak and your social life is about to perk up.

Eat it, and you can expect a pay rise. Brew a stew and you could get news of a birth. Eating it predicts a reunion with an old friend.

Sugar is a happy omen. Success is just round the comer.

And if you indulge in a sweet sugary sundae you’re about to score a big hit with the opposite sex.

Sweets symbolise bitterness. Give them away and you could be in for a break with your partner. Eat them, and it’s a warning not to make any rash decisions. They could cost you dear.

Tabasco sauce says you’re hot stuff at the moment. An exciting new romance is on the cards.

See a tart full of cream and some good news is on the way.

An apple tart predicts a reward, and a cherry one is an omen of money luck. Chocolate is a sign you’re exhausted.

Cook a turkey and it’s a sign of prosperity. Eat it, and you could be about to make a serious error of judgement.

Tomatos are a happy omen for future success and contentment.

Vegetables are not a good sign. Dried or cooked they spell family arguments. Eat them, and you’re about to lose money.

See vegetables growing and you’re worrying about something. Pick them and you’re the butt of a lot of criticism. Rotten veg spell disappointment.

Venison is telling you not to be so full of yourself. People will dislike you for it.

Check your diet if you see yams. Or perhaps even have a medical check-up.

Your ambitions are pitched too high if you see egg yolk.

Beat one and an attractive business proposal is about to come your way.

Stop flirting if you dream of watercrecs. And be careful who you tell your secrets to.

A wafer biscuit is a sign that for some reason you’re feeling like a fish out of water.

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