I dreamed about HEAT – what does HEAT mean in a dream?

I had a dream about HEAT


Cross the Equator and life will change for you completely soon. See it but fail to cross it and it’s a sign you are dithering over something. Be brave: make that decision.

Trying to reduce heat with a fan refers to your love life.

Fan yourself and you are in for an embarrassing entanglement. See others fanning themselves and you’re playing the field too much. Dream of losing a fan and you will lose your mate by being too much of a flirt.

See hot lava and your social life is about to take off in a big way. But take care it doesn’t break the bank.

Dream of anything melting and it’s not a good omen. If it’s gold it’s a sign of sadness. Silver indicates money problems.

Melting ice is a sign a certain situation is getting out of control. Try to keep a tight rein on it.

A warm oven is a sign of good fortune.

Shade yourself from the heat with a parasol and it’s a lucky omen for your love life. Open it indoors, and someone is going to give you some money.

A hot radiator suggests temporary tensions. If it’s off you’re about to uncover a nasty secret.

If steam burns you then you’re being deceived. Hear it escaping and you’re in for a row. Turn it off and something you thought impossible is about to happen. See steam from a kettle and you could be feeling a bit off-colour.

A coal stove predicts an important new relationship. Gas, and your health will improve. If it’s electric it suggests you can’t quite decide what to do next. Switch one off and you’re about to miss a valuable opportunity.

The heat of summer says you’re about to hear some surprising news. And some unexpected family responsibilities are looming if you dream of sunstroke. But don’t panic. You’ll cope.

Changes are on the horizon if you check a temperature with a thermometer. Buy one and a work project will go well.

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