I dreamed about MONEY – what does MONEY mean in a dream?

I had a dream about MONEY


Money is a good luck sign. Give it away and you can expect a period of financial stability and prosperity. Receive some and a major development, possibly a birth, is on the cards. Finding money means changes for the better are coming either at work or in your relationship. See yourself collecting money for charity and it suggests you’re feeling a bit unloved. Spend it, and you’ll make an unexpected profit. Steal it, and it spells a surprise stroke of luck. Worry about money luck and it sparks off a run of good money luck.

Receive benefits and you must guard against uninhibited actions. Calm down. If you are the benefactor, your current plans will be lucky.

New social contacts will prove unexpectedly useful if you get a bonus.

Borrow money and you’re in for some domestic tiffs. Pay it back and things will soon go smoothly. If others borrow from you, it predicts the death of a friend.

Buying is a contrary dream. The more you buy the more you should tighten your belt. But if you are buying carefully expect a stroke of money luck.

Put away that credit card if you see a cashier. Money will soon be in short supply.

Pay debts and you are entering a lucky period. If someone repays you, then be prepared for a loss. Don’t gamble.

Make any gains and the greater they are the bigger the warning to look after your money. But if you make gains dishonestly business will boom and you can expect to recover a loss.

Income in a dream is one of opposites. Money troubles are on the way if you see a large one. A low one and your financial burdens will soon be lifted.

You won’t be able to help that friend you hoped you could support, and if anyone tells you ‘the cheque’s in the post’, don’t believe them if you dream of income tax.

An inheritance is a straightforward prediction that a legacy is on its way.

Dream you are a millionaire and you are about to profit from a past favour. Meet one and ifs a warning to seek advice before rnalring any commitment.

See a muer and your financial future is a bit on the shaky side. And if you are contemplating an illicit affair, think twice. Your partner is bound to find out.

Pay off a mortgage and an unexpected bill is looming. Dream you can’t manage to pay it and you will get a lucky break. Apply for a mortgage and your worries will soon dis- appear.

A shiny new penny is a warning not to trust one of your friends. Give them away and money luck is on the cards. Receive them and you are about to make a loss.

Find a pane and a debt long overdue to you is about to be repaid. Lose one and a friend or lover is going to disillusion you.

Give or receive a receipt and better times are round the comer.

Collect lent and money will be tight. Pay it and you are in for some unhappiness. If you can’t afford to pay up, then a pleasant surprise is round the comer.

You are going to have to pay out in some way if taxes worry you. If not you can expect to prosper.

Pay wages and a good opportunity for change is around the comer. Receive them and you could be the victim of theft. Make sure things are secure.

A leather wallet is a sign you are having second thoughts about something. Full of money, and you have serious prob- lems to overcome. Find a wallet and an unexpected meeting is on the cards. Lose one and it’s time to stop being so indecisive. It’s a good time to have a flutter if you see an empty wallet.

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