I dreamed about PAIN – what does PAIN mean in a dream?

I had a dream about PAIN


Any kind of pain suggests you are suffering small, short-lived problems and irritations.

Pain in the abdomen means success will come.

Dream of a trivial ache and you should see a doctor. A severe ache signifies an important event that will be good for you.

Agony is a dream of contrary: the greater the agony, the greater the joy coming your way.

See yourself in a plaster cast and you will have to defend your reputation – but it will be your own fault. An earache predicts unwelcome news.

If your eyes hurt a relative is off-colour.

A headache means things won’t be going your way for a while. And suggests you should keep your secrets to yourself.

An irresistible itch is a clear sign you are yearning for new horizons and experiences. Itchy hands mean money luck, and if it’s your nose you should be careful not to make mistakes at work. A general feeling of itchiness is an omen you are worrying too much – try and lighten up.

If someone kicks you then you are afraid of competition.

Do the kicking and things will improve. You may even get promoted soon.

Toothache suggests you are not happy about a certain situation.

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