I dreamed about WATER – what does WATER mean in a dream?

I had a dream about WATER


Clear and calm this is a good omen. But rough or murky and problems are ahead. Drink water and you are in for some good luck but spill or throw it and you are going to have to control that temper. Hot water predicts social set- backs but running it’s a sign of lasting happiness. You are in for a pay rise if you see a waterfall. Anything being watered forecasts exciting events.

A full basin of water means you will soon find happiness. If it is empty your success is also assured. Drinking from a basin means a love affair is just around the comer. But tread carefully, the first person you meet is not necessarily the right one.

A full canal is a good sign for your future security. An empty or near-empty one is a sign to stop spending so much money. See canal locks and it’s a warning to look for a cuckoo in your nest of friends.

Water in a dam warns not to do anything impulsive – especially where money is concerned.

A flowing fountain says happiness will be yours. A dry one predicts a period of frustration.

Squirt water from a hose and you are in for a little adven- ture. Use it for a fire and an explosive new love affair is just round the comer. Hose a garden and you are about to make some new friends.

A clear calm lake is a symbol of future happiness and success. But if the water is rough or dirty a difficult period in life is just ahead. Cross a lake in a boat and you will rise in others’ estimation. Jump into it and it is a sign of unhappiness. You’re worrying too much if you wade or walk into a lake. Try to take things easily.

You are wasting your time if you spot a leak. A leaky pipe is a sign to try and find a wider scope for your activities. A roof and misfortune is ahead. See a leaking radiator and you will soon her news of a birth.

New plumbing spells an unexpected opportunity that will help you achieve a long-held ambition. Old or leaky plumb- ing spells a misunderstanding at work.

Get splashed by a puddle and you will be blushing at some social event soon. Keep dry or step round it and someone will help you out of a sticky situation.

See yourself out in the rain and an ailing love affair is about to draw to a close. Get drenched in a heavy storm and you are going to come into some money.

A full reservoir says you’ll soon be in the money. Empty, and times will be hard through no fault of your own. If the reservoir was filling up the wind of change is blowing new opportunities in your direction.

See a slow-flowing, clean river and it’s a sign of good fortune. If it is rushing or muddy then trouble is brewing. Fall in and danger is round the comer. Bathe in one and money is coming to you. Swim across it and your hopes will soon be realised.

Take a shower and money is coming your way.

A dried-up spring predicts bitterness. Drink from a spring and affection for someone is about to be reciprocated.

A stream represents life forces. A smooth-flowing clear stream predicts your life will run the same way. Cloudy or rough and that’s just how things will be for a while. Do the washing by hand and it’s a warning not to get involved in other people’s affairs. Do it by machine and you could be in for a house move. Wash your hands and face and a nice new friendship is on the horizon.

See yourself wade and it relates to love and friendship. If the water is clear things will go well. But muddy or murky and you are in for a few disappointments.

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