Famed Hollywood Astrologer Launches Internet Radio Program

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) March 13, 2006 –

Famed Hollywood astrologer W.C. Moriarity has teamed with the metaphysical internet radio station Karma Air (, to launch Signs Of The Times. The live call-in show features relationship advice and astrological love forecasts Monday through Friday from 12 noon to 2pm, Pacific Standard Time.

W.C. Moriaritys daily horoscopes are distributed daily to more than 1 million people worldwide and he is sought out for advice by some of Hollywoods biggest stars. Now, for the first time, he is bringing his live advice to internet radio at Karma Air. Says W.C., Astrology provides a great way for people to gain a better understanding of themselves as well as the other important people in their lives. I've helped a variety of actors, musicians, sports stars and other celebrities, and now I'm looking forward to sharing my insights live on the internet.

Signs of the Times offers a refreshing and entertaining look at news and information on astrology. Combining advice and insight with his popular Celebrity Spotlightwhich delves into the charts of some of today's most popular and prominent faces to give you a penetrating look at what motivates your favorite celebs, W.C. offers listeners a straightforward, common sense approach to what's in the stars.

In addition to analyzing love from an astrological point of view, W.C. is daily taking a limited number of live listener calls and directly answering those burning love and

relationship questions. The phone number to call is available on Karma Airs website, As W.C. himself notes, Starting a relationship without having some sort of astrological insight is like buying a car without checking under the hood

Karma Air is internet radios newly launched metaphysical destination, featuring 32 hours of free original programming each week, covering topics ranging from astrology, sex, relationship advice and self help. By visiting and clicking on the Listen Now button, anyone can immediately tap into the live stream.


For additional information on W.C. Moriarity or Karma Air, please visit or contact Chad Hagobian, Program Manager at (323) 960-1520.