How to be a Dream Weaver

Did you know that when you sleep, you unleash your psychic intuition?

30342985thbBy using a few simple techniques, you develop the skills to control what you dream about, and even how to use dreams to find solutions for everyday dilemmas.

A lucid dream is one where you’re aware that you’re dreaming. Your dreaming mind is following a sequence of events or situations, and suddenly you think, ‘Hey, this is a dream.’ As soon as you become conscious that you’re dreaming, the experience becomes much more vivid and mystical. And you can control what happens in it next.

You can use dreams to solve problems in your everyday life, too. Your normal consciousness is very limited by what we think is possible, so our minds are narrowed to what we can achieve. But when you’re dreaming you aren’t subject to the usual limitations, so you’re able to consult a more ‘complete’ self and can access all kinds of information to help solve your problems.

‘When we sleep we’re more in touch with our intuition, which can give us the answers we need,’ says white witch Silja. ‘At night, our emotional mind is free of the logical mind. ‘Dreams are often used by witches to jog their intuition, and this is particularly useful for new witches, who may be hesitant to trust their “inner voice” and ignore it when it pops up during the day.’

Dreams can also be used to predict events in the future. There were many reports of prophetic dreams about disasters such as the sinking of the Titanic and the World Trade Center attacks.

Scientists believe that everyone dreams at least four or five times a night – it’s just that most of us don’t remember. While we are asleep, our brain goes trough cycles of deep and light sleep. It’s during the 20-minute periods of light or rapid eye movement (REM) sleep that we dream. This is when our brains become highly active, and our breathing and heart rates increase.

To help you remember a dream, keep a pen and notebook by your bed so you can write down what happened as soon as you wake up. The other key is not to move. If you turn over or move your arm, you concentrate on waking up rather than holding on to the memory of you dream. Lie still in bed and try and recall your dream before writing it down.


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