How to Change your Life – Get motivated

24233524thb– Spring clean –

Tidy up your environment. Demonstrate your readiness for a fresh start by giving your home a thorough detox, clearing out all belongings that are neither useful nor beautiful. Include your work environment and car, too.

– Time management –

Get organised. Does your lifestyle work or does it leave you feeling exhausted? Are you taking on too much or could you organise yourself and others better so that you don’t feel overwhelmed? Ensure your day-to-day life works for you as we as everyone else.

– Toxic friends –

Evaluate your relationships. Every close friend that you have either boosts or deflates you. Stop seeing people who undermine you, regardless of how long you’ve known them. It’s easier than you think.

– Be ambitious –

Turn a long-held dream into a goal. Whether you want to get a novel published or become a hypnotherapist, plan to do it. Allocate time in your diary to write or get on a training course. Do whatever’s necessary to make it happen.

– Know your labels –

Spot any out-of-date or destructive labels you’ve given yourself or been given. Never label yourself anything that you don’t want to become – for example, lazy, a victim, depressive, untalented. Pick your labels to bring out the best in you and encourage you to strive to become all that you know you are capable of.

– Relax! –

Take 10 minutes every day to sit quietly in your own company. Let your thoughts drift as you allow the internal busyness to calm down. Life will feel more manageable, problems not so huge and solutions can rise to the surface.

– Celebrate yourself –

Take yourself out to lunch or coffee and make a list headed, ‘Achievements I am really proud of in my life.’ Then another, ‘Qualities that I really value in myself.’ Don’t get up from the table until you have at least 10 things on each list and are positively basking in your own glory! Enjoy a well-earned pat on the back and make it a regular habit.


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Spirit & Destiny