Past Life Regression

23488191thbA hypnotic past life regression can give your the answer to this and many other questions relating to reincarnation. Past life regression simply involves placing a person under hypnosis and asking them to go back through their childhood to a time before they were born. In many cases the person begins talking about his or her life or lives before the present lifetime, about their previous death and about the time between lives including the planning of the present lifetime. The main reason why at least some of these claims must be considered as evidence are that the regression frequently leads to a cure of a physical illness and in some cases the person regressed begins to speak an unlearned foreign language.

In some cases the person being regressed remembers details of astonishing accuracy which when checked out are verified by the top historians. But why do people seek regression? There are many reasons. One could be just because they are curious. Another could be because there are some unanswered questions in their lives. There are many numbers of experiences from past lives that can affect us in this life.

Someone who is scared of water may have drowned, etc. Possibly the greatest benefit of having a regression is the evidence that it gives that we are all constantly changing and evolving. This can change our perspective on life and give a realisation of why we are what we are, and also of what we are supposed to be doing here. It is very interesting topic for a lot of people and you may have a déjà vu feeling that you need to indulge and this could be why you have regression. Either way it may be something you believe in or not but it may answer some of your questions that no one else can!