Sadasiva (Sam Geppi) of Vedic Astrology Center Launches Daily Horoscope and Weekly Horoscope RSS Feed Service

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 10, 2006

Astrologer Sadasiva (Sam Geppi) has launched two RSS feeds, a daily horoscope and a weekly horoscope, expanding on his e-mail distribution services. – Daily Horoscope is a daily horoscope which is relevant for all zodiac signs. In this forecast, Sadasiva assesses the astrological weather based on the daily Moon transits and planetary affectations. This daily horoscope had been produced and distributed based on an annual fee to a limited number. Subscribers to this service have had the balance of their accounts refunded in lieu of this transition. – Weekly horoscope gives a general overview of the past week and and look ahead to future trends. The weekly horoscope also includes predictions and projections about current and future events, articles and other general astrological trends and spiritual events. His weekly forecast has been produced under the rubric Vedic AstroCast and will continue to also be a free e-mail offering, delivered to the inbox of thousands each week.

Both of these forecasts are also tied to a Blog, where recipients are invited to participate and discuss. This interactive approach is very attractive as a distribution model. Getting people excited about Astrology and connecting it to their daily lives is what these forecasts are meant to do, says Sadasiva; being able to tie a daily horoscope and a weekly forecast into communities of the interested, interacting with each other, is a culmination of the vision I had when I began these forecasts.

Sadasiva has been distributing forecasts via e-mail for several years and will continue to do so, yet is excited about the possibilities of the RSS format. The ability to deliver daily, uplifting content directly to the home page of those interested it is exciting, says Sadasiva; It will be great to bypass the spam filters and server problems that come with maintaining an extensive e-mail list. Double opt in e-mail lists and restrictive ISP practices have made bulk mailing a bit of a headache at times. Anticipating an initial loss of revenue Sadasiva says Some things are more important than money. Especially when a person decides upon this type of work. Ultimately getting the message out and helping people must be the most important thing.

The RSS format allows a direct transmission from producer to receiver, and also allows recipients to modify the look and feel of the the information. Every major portal integrates RSS functionality. There are also many feed aggregators and RSS distributors. The possibilities of unfettered distribution are upon us.

Sadasiva has put together a web page with the RSS feed chiclets link and enabled to all of the major Web portals and feed readers. These include: Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL, FeedGator, Bloglines, etc.

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