The Truth sets you Free!

Nobody understands how corrupt our really “system” is. You have always known governments lie, and sustain cover ups. You also know that psychics and empaths have their fingers on the pulse. You are probably Green, definitely a free thinker, and you might read about or study white magic. You believe in life after death, you believe that we create our own reality; you believe that humanity is in a state of evolution and that 2012 could mean a profound change in consciousness.

But most days you feel like a square peg in a round hole, wacky even, perhaps because you have a moon in Aquarius.

But fear not, the distinguished have also been rebellious innovators. Take the very illustrious Gore Vidal, one of the greatest American writers of our time. For years he told us that our society and legal system had broken down. This wisest of pundits was certainly not a conspiracy theorist, but a crusty old warrior for human rights outraged by US war policy, and before he died, by the closure of Nine Eleven investigations.

David Icke by contrast is a true agent provocateur. His thoughts challenge the status quo and are neither pat, nor superficial, although many would think his perception that blood thirsty E.T reptilians have taken over our elite and are running our world, hard to digest. In 1990 he said “a presence was around me, like there was always someone in the room when there was not. It got to the point where I sat on the side of the bed in a hotel room in London in early 1990 and said to whoever or whatever: “If you are there will you please contact me because you are driving me up the wall.”

Other innovative voices include Dr Deepak Chopra a doctor, a public speaker, a specialised endocrinologist and spiritual pundit. He became mainstream popular when he pointed his finger at “drug-pushing doctors, and their co-dependent relationships with addicted celebrities,” when referring to Michael Jackson’s death. He is adamant that there is life after death and among his many books, he wrote “Life after Death The Burden of Proof.”

When interviewed on US television he advised us to “Get in touch with the part of yourself that does not die. In wisdom traditions it is called the soul a bundle of consciousness which contains meaning, and purpose and relationships. If you get in touch with that you will access the stillness, timeless and eternal, and every experience woven out of that coreless, timeless being!” He pinpoints three relevant points about life after death.

The afterlife is not static.
It is a place of clarity.
Choice does not end with death, it expands.

So if you just “know” life after death and conspiracy theories to be true, yet you don’t know how to step beyond the gap between beliefs and the status quo, our psychics will help, pinpointing your life mission, and how it relates to past lives and spiritual awareness. Okay, you might not be a David Icke, Gore Vidal or Dr Chopra but still, a psychic reader will tell you if you are a messenger of truth. So use your confusion to open your perspectives and assess what it is you really came to do on Planet Earth. The truth might set you free!