Using Dreams To Predict The Future

You can try to predict the future by training your psychic powers with the following exercise.

22692303thbFirst, choose a person to dream about – it’s best to pick a celebrity who you find interesting, rather than someone you’re close to emotionally.

While sitting in bed, cut out a picture of that person from a magazine, then look at it as you lie down in bed preparing to go to sleep. Write down their name in a notepad, along with this message to your subconscious: “Tell me about this person’s future.” As you drift off, try to remain in a state of awareness – one between wakefulness and sleep – letting yourself think in pictures rather than words.

Now visualise a page from a newspaper. See a headline appearing, telling you something about your celebrity. Pull yourself back from the brink of sleep and write down your impressions. Hopefully, an accurate prediction will be woven into your notes. Keep doing this with different celebrities to see if you can develop your psychic dream skills..

‘To put you in the right frame of mind for prophetic dreams, have a warm, not hot, bath just before going to bed and add a couple of drops of frankincense or peppermint oil to the water. Climb into bed while you are still slightly damp,’ suggests Silja. This spell acts as a relaxant and will leave your mind calm and much clearer.

You can use prophetic dreaming for specific predictions about your life. ‘If you want to see the man you’re going to end up with, place a piece of rose quartz under your pillow and visualise your love (or the ideal qualities you’re looking for in a partner) before going to sleep – and they should appear in your dreams,’ says Silja.

Do it on a night when you’re not too tired and haven’t eaten or drunk too much. Make sure you have time to concentrate before you go to bed and don’t have to get up too early, as you want to write down whatever happens, even if it’s in the middle of the night.
Totally immerse yourself in the problem before you go to bed. For example, if you want to know why you keep on arguing with your partner, think about how you felt before, during and after your rows, and how your partner must feel as well. Repeat your question like a mantra before you go to sleep. Don’t forget to write it down as soon as you wake up.


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