Destiny or Fate, which will you choose?

Fate is what happens to people when they do nothing. Fate is the result of being a blob that gets pushed around by whatever is happening in the world around them. Living by fate means that at school a person will fall into what ever crowd is available. They join gangs through peer group pressure. They marry because someone is available or some asks them. Children arrive by accident. Fate dictates the work they do by taking whatever is available. There is no seeking what a person would like to do. Destiny, however, is the result of making choices. For some reason there seems to be children born who just know how to make choices. When they go to school they actively seek activities that mean something to them. The groups that they belong to reflect the person they are.

If a person who follows their destiny marries, they marry to form a complete union with another person. Their children become part of the union. Often there is a mixture of both in a person’s life. Is something the place they are in the result of fate or was it chosen? We have all ended up in places that have been the result of taking the line of least resistance. Getting out again is often hard and painful. Fate can be very hard on a person. The good news is that it is never too late. Anyone can decide to start making choices and take control of their destiny. Because you are reading this article I am going to guess that you are searching for something better. I am making that guess because that is a very common reason for being here.

It is either fate or destiny depending on if you drifted here or came here through choice. The thing to remember is that no matter how much you know or how much you have learnt it will remain unfulfilled until your new understanding is used to make active choices. There is a downside to destiny as you will have to take responsibility for it. No more excuse. No more finding someone else to blame for where you are. It is your destiny, you chose it, so it is your responsibility. Enjoy your destiny; it is much more fun than being pushed around by fate.