There are many situations in life where we feel compelled to worry. Whether your money is tight this month or your job is on the verge of laying you off, there is little cause to worry.

Instead, do all that is within your power to develop a plan to carry you through your hard times and follow it. It has been said that about 85% of the things we worry about never actually happen. I’m guessing most of us spend a good amount of time each day worrying not only about the present, but also the future. Instead of worry about something that statistically has very little chance of happening, live in the present and take life one moment at a time. The time you spend worrying about things that will not ever happen can be put to better use improving your current way of life. Many people are worried about future events and thus cannot focus on current events. While their worries may or may not come true, they should focus their time and energy on the here and now. It is difficult to make any progress if more than half of your time is spent worrying about events that likely will not happen.

The very first Financial Freedom Step is to develop a beginner emergency fund. This should remove a small amount of worry in your finances. As you get out of debt gradually and develop a fully-funded emergency fund of 3-6 months of living expenses your level of worry should be reduced even more. Of course this may take a bit of time but it will be well worth it. While we cannot prevent life from happening, we can minimize our worries and the effects of negative events by planning for the future. It might come as some surprise to you that you need to focus on positive thinking to get through periods of financial difficulty and to help you to turn around your financial situation where you have sufficient funds to cover your day to day expenditure without being constantly stressed.

It is only natural that somebody who has had financial turmoil for some time, to begin thinking negatively and wonder whether they will ever get out of the difficult situation that they are in. If you are currently faced with a huge debt that you feel so overwhelming you can’t see the forest for the woods then it is going to take you some time to start feeling better about yourself and thinking positively towards the future. It is however something that you need to focus on because the power of positive thinking will help you to get back on your feet a lot sooner. It will help you to make better decisions and give you the energy to focus on bringing in more income and coping with the stress that you are currently under.

Positive thinking will also be picked up by other people such as your creditors who will see that even you believe you are going to make good on their debts and give them the confidence to possibly allow you a bit more time to pay back the money that is owing to them. If you approach them with a negative attitude then they can become very uneasy as to whether they will get their money back or not and often this is all that is needed for creditors to send the debt collectors in. Set some goals that will see you eliminating debt and leading a more positive and productive life where you will have more control over all aspects of your life including the running of your household and your finances.