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Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe. All she wanted was the right to twinkle

Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe is probably as famous today as she was in her time. Her controversial lifestyle brought with it glory and tragedy! However, no-one would ever deny the fact that she was and always will be, one of Hollywood’s brightest stars! Nearly forty years after her death, much controversy still surrounds the event and with more and more people claiming to have seen the spirit of Marilyn Monroe, you can not help but ask the question, is Marilyn Monroe resting in peace? Since her death Marilyn has been a regular visitor to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where guests have claimed to see her reflection, in a mirror which hangs in the hotel lobby. Yet when they turn around, she is not there! This very mirror used to hang in Suite 1200, the room which Marilyn used to frequently occupy. Others have seen her at The Westwood Memorial Cemetry and some have even seen her wandering at her former home in Brentwood where she died! It is well documented that Marilyn had a wicked sense of humour and a great spirit. She once even sent a telegram to the Attorney General Robert Kennedy protesting the loss of the minority rights belonging to the few remaining earthbound stars! They demanded their right to twinkle! Could it be that Marilyn just simply refuses to leave the world she loved so dearly!

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