Astrological Data for
Philip Garcia

August 26, 1972
11:25 PM [BST=GMT+01:00]
Chester, United Kingdom [53N12 2W54]

Compatibility Horoscope with
Justine Garcia

July 25, 1971
06:00 AM [CET=GMT+01:00]
Nottingham, United Kingdom [52N58 1W10]

Philip Garcia positions:
Sun       3 Vir 45'03" in  3rd house
Moon      2 Ari 13'27" in 10th house
Mercury  15 Leo 30'56" in  3rd house
Venus    17 Can 56'53" in  2nd house
Mars      7 Vir 33'31" in  3rd house
Jupiter  28 Sag 29'31" in  7th house
Saturn   19 Gem 23'43" in  1st house
Uranus   15 Lib 59'55" in  5th house
Neptune   2 Sag 31'51" in  6th house
Pluto     0 Lib 50'14" in  4th house
N. Node  25 Cap 28'13" in  8th house
ASC      13 Gem 28'51"
MC        6 Aqu 13'46"

Justine Garcia positions:
Sun       1 Leo 37'18" in  2nd natal house
Moon      3 Vir 57'58" in  3rd natal house
Mercury  28 Leo 18'13" in  3rd natal house
Venus    22 Can 24'20" in  2nd natal house
Mars     20 Aqu 43'36" in  9th natal house
Jupiter  26 Sco 35'49" in  6th natal house
Saturn    3 Gem 53'02" in 12th natal house
Uranus   10 Lib 02'47" in  4th natal house
Neptune   0 Sag 23'35" in  6th natal house
Pluto    27 Vir 34'17" in  4th natal house
N. Node  14 Aqu 30'56" in  9th natal house
ASC       9 Leo 07'41" in  2nd natal house
MC       17 Ari 27'14" in 11th natal house

Your Chart Wheel

Suns are in Leo-Virgo.
You two are very different! Philip Garcia is more modest, self-effacing, shy, and unobtrusive than Justine Garcia, who craves social approval, recognition, love, and applause. Justine Garcia tends to step into the limelight and outshine or overpower Philip Garcia. Philip Garcia is more emotionally self-sufficient than Justine Garcia is, and may not give Justine Garcia all of the "strokes" and appreciation Justine Garcia wants. Philip Garcia also has a tendency to become fussy and particular, and these fits of perfectionism can have disastrous consequences when the target of Philip Garcia's critical eye is Justine Garcia. Justine Garcia is particularly sensitive to criticism and tends to interpret Philip Garcia's "constructive criticism" as a personal attack. Philip Garcia is more analytical and psychologically astute than Justine Garcia, who may not appreciate being "picked apart" or psychologically analyzed by Philip Garcia! Another problem in this relationship is that Justine Garcia may take for granted much of the work and assistance that Philip Garcia provides.

Sun Trine Moon.
You two are the best of friends! You understand and appreciate each other, and are able to work together very harmoniously. No relationship is free of difficulty and stress, and this astrological influence does not nullify other stressful influences described elsewhere in this report, but it does add a harmonious quality to your relationship that helps you over the rough spots.

Sun Trine Neptune.
The two of you have a strong intuitive understanding of each other, and you inspire each other's imagination, idealism, and aspirations. You help each other to become clearer about your ideals and religious inclinations, and together you develop a greater sense of meaning and purpose in your lives. You help each other to look beyond the daily problems and issues of your personal lives and focus more on altruistic goals and broader issues.

Moon Conjunct Mars.
There is a dynamic, almost aggressive quality to your relationship. A good outlet for this energy is competitive sports and outdoor activities. You enjoy challenging each other and competing against one another. You also have the ability to accomplish a great deal together and make a dynamic working partnership - as long as you can refrain from arguing with each other.

Moon Square Neptune.
You spark each other's imagination, and this relationship could produce positive results if you join together in some artistic endeavor or other very imaginative venture. You may enjoy get-togethers and casual times together as well. However, in business affairs or other practical matters, you often fail to see each other and the matter at hand in a realistic light. If either of you has a major problem of a psychological, alcohol- related, or drug-related nature, this relationship can become a partnership in dissolute, self-destructive, negative habits.

Mercury Trine Jupiter.
Communication is open and harmonious. You are able to help each other incorporate new ideas and expand your perspective. If you have a close, long-lasting friendship, you will develop similar political, social, and philosophical views. Your overall beliefs and aims are in harmony. If you have a business relationship, you will do well in areas that involve long- distance communication, such as advertising, publishing, etc.

Mercury Square Neptune.
You inspire each other's imagination and you may find yourselves gravitating towards discussions of fantasy, poetry, art, theatre, and religion. However, the tendency to lose a clear sense of proportion is very strong! You may also be inclined to conceal something or deceive each other. Little white lies can quickly foster a morass of confusion. Misunderstandings between you arise easily so try to be clear and precise in all important, practical communications.

Venus Conjunct Venus.
You enjoy the same pleasures, and your sense of aesthetics and beauty is very similar. Because your tastes are so similar and you enjoy many of the same activities, you enjoy each other's company and will probably grow to be very good friends.

Mars Trine Saturn.
You can work together very effectively, focusing your energy and attention on the tasks at hand. Justine Garcia feels that Philip Garcia will stand behind Justine Garcia's efforts and be a solid supporter, and Philip Garcia's experience or practicality is often a help to Justine Garcia.

Mars Trine Uranus.
An electric, exciting quality infuses your relationship and you encourage one another to be bold, confident, and assertive. Vigorous physical activities, like sports, are good outlets for the vital dynamic energy you generate together. Your unusual, original, unconventional impulses emerge when you are together, also.